Miles Mathis on JuDEW Wood,9/11, Maui

Isn’t it obvious? Because they are losing the nuclear fear and need to replace it with something else.
People are finally figuring out there are no nukes, and the Oppenheimer movie failed to quench that figuring. That too was a PR failure of massive proportions. But they need you to fear one of their weapons of mass destruction, to keep you huddling under the bed in a cold dread. Covid failed, because people have finally figured out that one as well. The next fake pandemic is going to be met with stony silence, non-compliance, or violent pushback. So they need you afraid they can wipe you out by the millions with some new weapon. All they have to do is push a button and they can melt your entire town off the map.

Phil weighs in

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10 months ago

apparently the aspirational parts of oppenheimer are in colour ,and the historical croncrete narrative is in black and white. dream part in colour ,christ ,and no i aint sitting down to watch it ,so if anyones waiting for an analysis ,don’t ! think No-lens just wanted the scarecrow and tik-tok to unite in another u.s. fantasy reboot made up by the artistocrats Cillian Murphy as Dr. Jonathan Crane/The Scarecrow: A psycho-pharmacologist who works at Arkham Asylum and has developed fear-inducing toxins mathis fucked up this time ,you better go counting bricks in the oz-wald assassination video from your other boyfriend dallas yellow… Read more »

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John le Bon
10 months ago

People are finally figuring out there are no nukes

Which people? Where?

This is the PAWU hoax all over again.

People are NOT waking up, and anybody who tells you otherwise is either a clown, a fool, or a charlatan.

10 months ago
Reply to  John le Bon

Not anyone “waking up” in my world either, I’ve seen others echoing this mantra in the alternative media. All I can say is, I’ll believe it when I see it.

dave j
dave j
10 months ago
Reply to  John le Bon

And “that’s a fact”.