Miles on the clot kill shot

Reports that the vaccines were designed to kill people in large numbers have been coming out for a
couple of years, but at first they were mainly guesses or deductions. I was one of the first to say this,
though I had no “clinical” proof of it. It was just a logical conclusion based on collating huge amounts
of circumstantial and historical evidence. All the wind was blowing in that direction, so the weather
report was easy.
But even I didn’t claim the kills were fully targeted. I didn’t see how they could be. I thought the
Phoenicians just needed to jettison a percentage of the world’s population, and this was how they chose
to do it this decade. Targeting countries would be easy—since they would just make the vaccine more
deadly there and force more people to take it—as in China. But targeting individuals? Never crossed
my mind.

Click to access geno.pdf

Is this guy tweeting about the same thing?

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