Miles on the Ohio train event

I’ll take Miles’ analysis on the East Palestine event as the correct ? storyline.

Does that make any sense? Not really. Back before predictive programming, the masses had zero resistance to believing the news, and they still have very little. So predictive programming seems like an unnecessary risk. Once people see these events are being perfectly foretold, it just creates suspicion, and that is exactly what we have seen. People’s belief of the event isn’t increased, it is decreased.
People know things like this can’t be coincidence, so they either have to be signs from the gods, or signs from the Earthly controllers, and most people are going to go with the latter, as they should.
There is no reason for the gods to gaslight us, but every reason for the controllers to do so. So then predictive programming just becomes the controllers tipping their hands to us, to increase our disorientation. They are telling us they are fucking with us as they fuck with us. It is like the bully poking you and saying, “Yeah, and what are you going to do about it?” So, you see, it is just straight up sadism.

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