Pharmacies are the front line of the bio weapons assault on the public

Apparently there is a growing tide of non-compliance to follow DOD orders.

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Another sign that tide of covert war is turning will be pharmacies that refuse to take delivery of DoD biochemical weapons and pharmacists who refuse to use them on targets.
Following the ongoing collapse in biochemical weapon-‘vaccine’ uptake rates by individuals.

1 JUL 2023
Orientation for new readers.

Recent excellent posts by Sasha Latypova:

June 26, 2023 – Summary of Everything and Quick Links

June 28, 2023 – BARDA Subverts Licensed Regulated Pharmacy Distribution for Covid Countermeasures and 70+ Other Products

I want to do a post translating HHS Secretary declarations under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act into plain language.

Basically, they’re declarations of war, with sections laying out the HHS-DoD-DHS designated threats (Section VIII, Category of Disease, Health Condition or Threat); geographic terrain (Section XI, Geographic Area); duration (Section XII, Effective Time Period and Section XIII, Additional Time Period of Coverage); deployed personnel (Section V, Covered Persons); weapon classes (Section VI, Covered Countermeasures); rules of combat engagement with targeted enemies (Section IX, Administration of Covered Countermeasures); and enemy-civilian targets (Section X, Population).

Source: Feb. 13, 2018 FDA Slide Deck.
The most recent, eleventh amendment to the original PREP Act declaration was issued effective May 11, 2023. Relevant PREP Act documents are linked at Footnote 11 and FDA legal preparedness slide decks explaining the anti-law mechanisms through which covert, biomedicalized mass murder has been rendered non-criminal are linked at Footnote 2.2

Readers interested in reading, who only have time to read one document, are encouraged to read the May 11, 2023 one, because it includes a handy recap of the intervening declarations and amendments, with footnotes citing legal advisory opinions and guidance documents.

May 11, 2023 – Eleventh Amendment to Declaration Under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act for Medical Countermeasures Against COVID-19.

I haven’t had time to write a detailed anatomy-of-a-PREP-Act-declaration post, but Sasha’s BARDA post reminded me of one important component of the PREP Act declarations and amendments that’s useful to highlight: the US government’s use of retail pharmacies as primary locations to which DoD biochemical weapons known as ‘vaccines’ are delivered, and classification of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians as “covered persons” and “qualified persons” ordered to inject enemy targets with the weapons, through the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program for COVID-19 Vaccination.3

Adding pharmacies and pharmacy technicians to the PREP Act “covered persons” and “qualified persons” lists was an important part of PREP Act declarations and amendments.

It’s another example of the bait-and-switch, hidden in plain sight crimes.

Retail pharmacies are not medical facilities regulated the way hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices are.

Pharmacists aren’t trained, supervised and regulated the same way doctors and nurses are, and pharmacists don’t have any professional ethical obligations to protect individual patient health and safety, such as the classic Hippocratic Oath, whose main precept is often paraphrased as “first do no harm.”

…I will offer those who suffer all my attention, my science and my love. Never will I betray them or risk their well-being to satisfy my vanity. I will not hurt my fellow or put a knife to his flesh if I don’t know how, or give him an herb to soothe his pain, even if he begs for it in anguish, if it might take away his breath.

I will never harm my suffering friend, because life is sacred, from the tender fruit that he once was in his mother’s womb to that first sigh he gave out between her legs when he opened his eyes to the world…

In contrast, for example, the current version of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy and American Pharmacists’ Association Oath of a Pharmacist calls upon pharmacists only to “consider the welfare of humanity and relief of suffering” as primary concerns.

Even though the Hippocratic Oath is not emphasized in medical education anymore and has been eviscerated of its prohibition against intentional killing through 1964 revisions that cleared a path for doctors to murder for social and economic reasons, the original Hippocratic Oath still has a slight hold over the public imagination and restrains some doctors’ and nurses’ behaviors.

A January 2023 HHS Office of Inspector General report, Challenges With Vaccination Data Hinder State and Local Immunization Program Efforts To Combat COVID-19, stated that as of December 2022, DoD had injected 7.5 million biochemical weapon doses, VA had injected 7.4 million doses, and Indian Health Services (IHS) had injected 2.2 million doses, while neighborhood pharmacists had injected 234.9 million doses.

…The number of these Federal agency and pharmacy partners providing vaccinations biochemical weapons varies amongst immunization biochemical warfare programs’ jurisdictions, but they are widespread and represent a substantial portion of the data that immunization programs need.

For example, while all jurisdictions may not have DoD facilities, VA is present in all States. Combined, these two agencies have administered over 14 million doses to veterans, active military, and other beneficiaries. All State and local immunization programs utilize the Federal retail pharmacy program to help administer vaccinations in their areas.

There are 21 pharmacy partners, representing 41,000 locations. In addition to including large chain pharmacies (e.g., Walgreens, CVS) the program includes partners with a small number of stores and those which serve rural areas.

As of March 2022, pharmacy partners receiving vaccines directly from CDC[-DoD] were responsible for 40 percent of all administered doses of COVID-19 vaccines…

Other dispensers of DoD biochemical weapons include corporate health care “providers” offices, paid off with escalating bounties for hitting percentage benchmarks in their patient populations, and pop-up tent or drive-through clinics located in parking lots, at businesses and at schools.

As of June 8, 2023, according to CDC, 303.7 million doses had been administered at those 41,000 retail pharmacy locations, out of a total of 676.7 million doses CDC claims had been administered by May 10, 2023.

The big picture reasons for the dysfunctional reporting systems covered by the January 2023 HHS-OIG report are at least two-fold: 1) to hide the DoD-HHS-CDC-FDA-WHO biowarfare programs’ injury and death toll from public databases and public understanding, and 2) to create the pretext for nationally and globally centralized data collection and storage.

In the PREP Act declarations and amendments and legal interpretations preempting narrower state “scope-of-practice” laws for pharmacists, the authorization of pharmacists to use DoD biochemical weapons on enemy-civilians with legal impunity is loosely correlated with a 20-hour training course, to include hands-on injection technique, that may or may not be completed.

See, for example,

Aug. 24, 2020 – HHS Secretary PREP Act Declaration, Amendment 3

Sept. 3, 2020 – HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health (OASH) Guidance for Licensed Pharmacists and Pharmacy Interns Regarding COVID-19 Vaccines and Immunity under the PREP Act

Oct. 20, 2020 – HHS-OASH Guidance for PREP Act Coverage for Qualified Pharmacy Technicians and State-Authorized Pharmacy Interns for Childhood Vaccines, COVID-19 Vaccines, and COVID-19 Testing

Oct. 23, 2020 – HHS-Office of General Counsel (OGC) Advisory Opinion 20-03 on the PREP Act and the Secretary’s Declaration Under the Act.

Excerpt from OGC Advisory Opinion 20-03:

…The Third Amendment preempts narrower state scope-of-practice laws for pharmacists and pharmacy interns who meet the requirements set forth in the Third Amendment. But the Third Amendment does not affect broader state scope-of-practice laws. The preamble to the Third Amendment specifies that “nothing herein shall preempt State laws that permit additional individuals to administer vaccines that ACIP recommends to persons age 18 or younger according to ACIP’s standard immunization schedule.”

For example, the Third Amendment requires the licensed pharmacist seeking PREP Act coverage to “complete a practical training program of at least 20 hours.”

Some states require less than 20 hours of such training for a licensed pharmacist to order and administer vaccinations to individuals ages 3 to 18. The Third Amendment does not affect such less-stringent, state-law requirements.

So a pharmacist who seeks PREP Act coverage under § 247d-6d(i)(8)(B) and the Third Amendment—e.g., because the pharmacist is not authorized to vaccinate under the state scope-of- practice law—must satisfy the 20-hour requirement. But a pharmacist in a state that requires less than 20 hours may still vaccinate under state law even if the pharmacist does not complete 20 hours of training as required under the Third Amendment. And as explained above, such a pharmacist would be a “qualified person” under § 247d-6d(i)(8)(A), and therefore eligible for PREP Act coverage if the pharmacist satisfies those other requirements of the PREP Act and Declaration not associated with being a “qualified person.”

The training and requirements allegedly imposed by the declarations, like the requirements allegedly imposed by all the statutes, regulations and contracts Sasha and I have analyzed so far, include a mixture of legally enforceable/enforced provisions, and legally unenforceable/unenforced provisions.

The only way to tell which is which, is to observe — over elapsed time — which provisions are actually carried out during the covert biochemical warfare, which are not carried out, and whether any enforcement action follows non-compliance.

If law enforcement agencies prosecute a violator for a violation, then that provision was enforceable.

If the law enforcement agencies refuse to investigate or prosecute, then the provision was never going to be enforced; those provisions were added only to serve as legally irrelevant fluff for misdirection and manipulation purposes.

Uptake of DoD biochemical weapons has been dropping, especially for the most recent ‘bivalent’ formulation, to whatever extent CDC data is considered reflective of real-world events.

This is the clearest sign, so far, that the American public — including people who walked into pharmacies and other points of dispensing and sat still for the first few injections — increasingly understands that infiltrators who have taken control of US government offices are actively engaged in a covert, biomedical-financial war against the American population.

The dropping ‘vaccination’ and ‘immunization’ rates are the clearest sign that a growing number of people are quietly refusing to volunteer themselves and their children as military targets for additional military attacks.

This is good news.

It matters a lot.

The globalist war machine — federal militaries merged with federal public health systems — is prepared to get more aggressive and use open armed force to attack people with needles if widespread enemy-civilian stubbornness forces their hands.

They’re prepared to offer another false choice, escalating from the first false choices of “take the injections or lose your job or place in school” and “take the injections or lose the love and respect of your family and friends.”

The next false choices will be “take the injections or lose your access to banking transactions and lose your home” followed by “take the injections or go into a holding facility (hospital or separate DoD-HHS detention facility), where you will take the injection or take a bullet to the head.”

But the globalist warmongers would really rather not see things get to that point.

They would prefer that the culling process continue to play out as quiet, calm, gradual, almost-invisible biomedical-financial violence, not loud, chaotic, visible, sudden gun violence.

They want sick and injured people dying more or less silently in their homes, with lots of plausible deniability as to injected cause and lethal effect.

They don’t want healthy, mobile people dying loudly in the streets after being shot by readily identifiable, uniformed men and women using guns and bullets.

This is why it’s so important to refuse to comply.

Ordinary people refusing, every single hour of every single day, to walk into a pharmacy and take any more biochemical weapons voluntarily (setting aside the psychosocial and economic coercion used to obtain the first rounds of submission) are a major obstacle to the control-and-kill campaign proceeding as quietly as the globalists want it to be.

After individuals making personal decisions for themselves and their children, the next layer of noncompliance includes retail pharmacy owners and managers refusing to authorize their employees to take possession of DoD biochemical weapon deliveries, and pharmacists refusing to take the syringes and vials into their hands and push the poisons into enemy-civilian targets.

I don’t know if or when retail pharmacies will pull out of the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program, stop accepting DoD weapons shipments, and stop using the weapons to injure and kill people.

If and when the retail pharmacies start pulling out of the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program, those events will put more obstacles in the globalists’ path toward achieving one-world Satanic technocracy.

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