Pharmacists on the front line of the DoD bioweapons war front

If you don’t read anyone else on substack, you need to read Katherine Watt.

The globalist war machine — federal militaries merged with federal public health systems — is prepared to get more aggressive and use open armed force to attack people with needles if widespread enemy-civilian stubbornness forces their hands.

They’re prepared to offer another false choice, escalating from the first false choices of “take the injections or lose your job or place in school.”

The next false choices will be “take the injections or lose your access to banking transactions and lose your home” followed by “take the injections or go into a holding facility (hospital or separate DoD-HHS detention facility), where you will take the injection or take a bullet to the head.”

But the globalist warmongers would really rather not see things get to that point.

They would prefer that the culling process continue to play out as quiet, calm, gradual, almost-invisible biomedical-financial violence, not loud, chaotic, visible, sudden gun violence.

They want sick and injured people dying more or less silently in their homes, with lots of plausible deniability as to injectable cause and lethal effect.

They don’t want healthy, mobile people dying loudly in the streets after being shot by readily identifiable, uniformed men and women using guns and bullets.

This is why it’s so important to refuse to comply.

Ordinary people refusing, every single hour of every single day, to walk into a pharmacy and take any more biochemical weapons voluntarily (setting aside the psychosocial and economic coercion used to obtain the first rounds of submission) are a major obstacle to the control-and-kill campaign proceeding as quietly as the globalists want it to be.

After individuals making personal decisions for themselves and their children, the next layer of noncompliance includes retail pharmacy owners and managers refusing to authorize their employees to take possession of DoD biochemical weapon deliveries, and pharmacists refusing to take the syringes and vials into their hands and push the poisons into enemy-civilian targets.

I don’t know if or when retail pharmacies will pull out of the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program, stop accepting DoD weapons shipments, and stop using the weapons to injure and kill people.

If and when the retail pharmacies start pulling out of the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program, those events will put more obstacles in the globalists’ path toward achieving one-world Satanic technocracy.

Source: (3) Another sign that tide of covert war is turning will be pharmacies that refuse to take delivery of DoD biochemical weapons and pharmacists who refuse to use them on targets.

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