Republicanism, not socialism

Miles Mathis describes the difference.

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Socialism was invented by the Phoenicians to wean you off
Republicanism, but you don’t have to fall for that. Limiting the monarchy and aristocracy was the first
order of business for the Founding Fathers, or that is what we were taught. That is what I am talking
about, not Socialism. What is the difference? Well, in a Republic, there is no forcing to the middle, no
quashing of natural hierarchies (talent and ability), no purposeful dumbing down, no institutionalized
quota system, no attack on the family, no attack on sex, no attack on gender, no attack on the past, no
attack on art, no attack on science, and not even any necessary centralization. A Republic doesn’t
necessarily breed centralization or bureaucracy like Socialism does, since the central tenets of
Socialism encourage those things while Republicanism—properly defined—resists them.
Additionally, a Republic resists Globalism, while Socialism abets it.

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