RIP Allan C. Weisbecker

Odd that he had written to me out of the blue on Sep 22/23 and I asked him to do a show.

For what it’s worth folks, my last email from Allan was on the 24th and he was at a truck stop on Rt 5 near Mt Shasta. We were discussing connecting again in the low desert of AZ this winter. While Allan definitely struggled with often feeling low, I do not believe he committed suicide nor do I think he met with foul play. His health was not great and as he had mentioned here on his blog, both his parent passed at 80 and he believed he would not live longer than that. My guess is he passed naturally. I messaged his cousin on FB today to find out if his dog Gus has a home. You could hear her panting on the video and Allan loved her dearly. One of the reasons he and I hit it off was our shared love of dogs. If I hear anything new, I will post up here. I like to think Allan has finally gotten some of the answers he was so earnestly seeking…

Past show

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