Thanks to Boogieman

You have awakened 9/11 deconstructionist leader Simon Shack into further detailing the hoax of the century.

Keep your questions coming and thanks again! Be sure Simon is reading and listening.

You just have to wonder… (unless you’re blind, dumb or braindead)

The question becomes: WHICH imagery was real?

– The low-resolution 9/11 imagery shown on “Live” TV on September 11, 2001?
– The high-resolution 9/11 imagery released later on (in 2010) – allegedly filmed by private citizens?
– None of the above

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6 months ago

So I get confused, even as I was raised Catholic.Do we, or do we not have a new pope?

9 months ago

September Clues and a few other sites are the only sites that insist you investigate everything — every aspect of life itself — for yourself. hoi polloi We must admit we can be and have been fooled by this aspect of culture, whatever it is, if we are to properly take a “big picture” lesson away from this. And for those that insist they haven’t been fooled, it may be in our best interest to correct them (and remain humble in doing so, such as pointing out our own ability to be fooled, times we have been fooled and remind folks it’s okay to make mistakes).… Read more »

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Last edited 9 months ago by napoleon wilson
9 months ago
Reply to  napoleon

when handed truth about 911 ,most dont want it

told ya feel like frodo sometimes ,but without the fellowship more like a dozen smeagles in clogs ,id rather face these fucks though with the oz ray ,,occult shit ,and cinema superlatives than any yorkshire lads or orcs

i loved 911 i really accepted it as a challenge ,and i done more miles than a hobbit ,little legs !!!

9 months ago
Reply to  napoleon

you know the best part is when 15 year veteran houseclowns say what does it matter how it was done

i still laugh my arse off at that from dickheads [still maintaining truther sites] i know

oh and dont worry it was the bible posse got bent over first by these boys hijacking prophecies ,my heathen generation welcomed the imagery and storytelling from lucasfilm ,

but it was the masons entrusted with spinning the 911 plates until they could train folks to treat it as unsolvable oops

anyway godbless

Dave j
Dave j
9 months ago

This whole line of inquiry is just gotten to the point of being stupid.

Nobody died and nobody got hurt.

There is a lot more to see and to spend time with how many more years you going to run with this ONE.

Let the dead bury the dead and let the Dead Chase ghosts of their own imagination.

Dead 4514 4(6)4 14 77 crossed bones 5 senses ?

9 months ago
Reply to  Dave j

one of my favourite mirrors from 911 was blaming sadam later on in the narrative

with or without solomons temple getiing demolished by nebudchadnezzar(SADAM HUSSEIN) biblical reenactment as sadam declared him self neb

the fact george lucas made him a sadam lookalike ,administaraitor for cloud city ,living in a steel twister ,and called him lando
land of oz calrizzian

i mean i know the boys that pay folks to talk truth won’t ever pay them to talk about the chamber of reflection v.i.t.r.i.o.l. oz schema that was 911

i said no mason will get the star wars gig

ipiccy_image (79).jpg