The 9/11 WTC smoke screen

In digging up Judy Wood writings from Simon, I come across so many of his amazing essays that themselves are worthy of promotion all these years later.

I realize in arguing with people about 9/11 that if they have not watched September Clues and have not read then it’s really a waste of your time to even engage for a second with them.

I’d like to just add a few thoughts to my above ‘9/11 SMOKESCREEN’ essay – while thanking our members Flabbergasted and JLapage for their comments – both good as I see it, in spite of some minor disagreements with the former’s thoughts / arguments.

In order to make it easier to share these additional thoughts & (entirely speculative) musings of mine, let me put myself in the shoes (and mind) of the “Grand 9/11 Hoax Mastermind”. In other words, let me tell you what I would have done if I had planned this hoax myself for MAXIMUM effect – while MINIMIZING any potential (however unlikely) “whistleblowing” on the part of onlooking New Yorkers – i.e. to make the REAL events in Manhattan resemble as closely as possible what was aired on TV :

1. I would have placed a row of smoke generator pipes in the upper floors of the two Twin Towers, at the same angle & floors as the “plane gashes” shown on TV. I would have turned them on at 8:46 (WTC1) and 9:02(WTC2) respectively. To those who’d complain they never saw planes impacting the towers, I’d just say: “You must have missed them. It all happened very quickly, you know!”

2. I would have placed a large number of smoke generator units in the Southern façade of WTC7 – and turned them on well before the first collapse shown on TV at 9:59am (WTC2). Since these smoke generators would have to pump out smoke for the entire day, I would not have chosen to use mobile units parked around the WTC area (as suggested by Flabbergasted): someone might have wondered why the heck the smoke seemed to originate / emanate from street level – for hours on end. Instead, my story would be: “WTC7 was hit by debris. It caught fire. This is why you saw that huge smoke plume continuously gushing out of the Southern façade of WTC7 for the entire day”.

3. As an extra ‘safeguard’ against any angry onlookers who’d question why they saw a smoke cloud appearing BEFORE the WTC2 9:59 collapse, I would roll out an actor (and a James-Randi-trained magician) such as Willy “BOOM” Rodriguez, the “WTC janitor” – whose story would be: “I HEARD BIG EXPLOSIONS IN THE TOWER BASEMENT BEFORE THE PLANES HIT!” This would ‘go to explain’ why smoke was seen around the towers BEFORE they fell – and put to rest the few, observant onlookers who would complain about it… to the authorities. :rolleyes:

4: Finally, I would roll out clowns like JUDY WOOD and JIM FETZER – who would come up with theories to “explain” that absurdly gigantic smoke cloud engulfing the entire Lower Manhattan area. JUDY would say: “Oh, that’s because the towers were DUSTIFIED – with secret / classified “Directed Energy Weapons”. And JIM would say: “Oh, that’s because the towers were VAPORIZED with Mini Nukes”. Thus “explaining” that enormous smoke cloud covering Lower Manhattan for the entire day…:rolleyes:

Only speculation, of course. But you may hopefully agree that it isn’t totally wacky or outlandish. I’m not a magician / David Copperfield-type myself. I just think that such details would have been carefully worked out in the planning of what was essentially no more than a deceptive, “in bright daylight” demolition job (obscured to the public via a simple smokescreen – the oldest trick in the military visual-deception book.)

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6 months ago

i don’t rely on anyone else to solve 911,and calling judy wood a clown is naive and dismissive ,she is a million times more helpful than any truther the cointel from clues forum gatting away for a decade saying 911 was a sega saturn graphics and amateurs pulled it off …………….that shit might be allowed over in substandard forums but not in here !! and as always the clues are in psi fi and fantasy of films and literature for instance the whore of babylon woman of the apocalypse ,the sign of solomons cube in the heavens that day ,,that… Read more »

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