The covaids story so far

Let’s go over everything that was done to make you believe in a deadly virus that does not exist: ? Showed you videos of Chinese people in Wuhan dropping dead. Even if you believe in Covid, you know this isn’t how it kills people. This was never retracted. ? Claimed that /1

the virus jumped from animals to humans ? Launched a flu vaccine campaign in the nursing homes in Bergamo, Italy a couple of months ahead of time that made the elderly weak and sick then blamed Covid. There is reason to believe that deadly flu shots were used to kick off the /2

pandemic in other places also. ? Killed the elderly and others in Bergamo and New York with Remdesivir, midazolam, sedatives, morphine and ventilators then blamed Covid. Creating “ground zeros” (a pandemic must have 1 or more ground zeros). – Incentivized the hospitals to /3

kill patients who had the common cold, flu or pneumonia with the deadly protocol. Creating the important element of fear. ? Misused the PCR technique which was never meant to test or diagnose illness to generate false positives ? Bombarded us daily with fear /4

? Prevented Drs and respiratory specialists from using the methods that have always worked ? Once approved, started giving vaccines to the elderly in nursing homes, killing them and then blaming their deaths on a Covid “outbreak” at the facility ? Mandated PCR testing /5

? Counted anyone who died within 30 days of a positive PCR test as a Covid death ? Incentivized all involved to label any death as a Covid death (hospitals, families for funeral assistance, etc.) ? Showed bogus footage of sick people laying in the street in India and /6

other places that was several years old and totally unrelated. Never retracted. ? Blamed the vaccine side effects on Covid ? Blamed deaths caused by the vaccines on Covid ? Made up variants (Omicron, BA.5) ? Exposed “gain of function” research to make you believe that /7

“viruses” can be enhanced – Promoted an intentional or unintentional lab leak. This gives the opposition and “conspiracy theorists” a lie that they can latch onto. All the while keeping everyone believing in deadly viruses and in fear of the “next time” (quoting Bill Gates). /8

If you want to know more about the flu vaccine and Bergamo, Italy, take a look at this thread and especially the discussion with Dr. Luca Speciani. /9

Relabeled the common cold / flu as Covid. With the big lie that loss of smell and taste only happens with Covid. It has happened with the flu all along with many losing it for months. Plus the nose swabs are a suspected cause by damaging the olfactory receptors. /10

A side effect of the vaccines is “Covid” (symptoms of Covid). Many who say they got Covid and it happened within weeks after vaccination actually had the side effect, not Covid. Dr. Chetty explained this well and could tell the difference between the flu and the side effect.

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1 year ago

Lots of dots joined here. I’m starting to beware of always seeking confirmation of my expectations. JLB pointed that out.

Just waiting for update David Crosby succumbed too. I won’t be surprised- he’s paying last dues for all services rendered.

1 year ago

this summary list needed to be made. we can’t let people forget just how it all unfolded. every generation alive right now must have memory- keepers. thank you to victor and to you for posting.