The demoralized can’t see truth

You have to give small crumbs or you’ll overwhelm and scare the NPCs off.

A criticism that often comes up here is that it’s unproductive to expose a problem without proposing an alternative to it. At some point, trying to wake up a group of people devolves into depression and demoralization, where there’s no obvious solution to anything. Even when alternatives exist on paper, they seem completely impractical to implement.

Source: Some Thoughts On The Fine Line Between Awakening And Demoralizing – Canuck Law

If you have “Waking Solutions” stories or ideas, please email me.

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1 year ago

I am NOT suspicious of EVERYBODY and EVERYTHING as Canuck suggests.
The way to cope is to duck and dive, try to avoid as much as possible the lifestyles which “THEY” are foisting on us and keep away from anything connected with “democracy”. But feel free to be smug that you can see what’s afoot.

1 year ago

I have come to peace with knowing problems that have no solutions. I certainly think there is no solution to why deception is hard for people to see.

1 year ago

theres nothing worse than losing confidence , i draw confidence from the demoralisation used

and i know ab never got demoralised over the past 3 plus years even when the audiochatters said no i don,t and i won,t read the blog .

i,ts all about knowing why they send in the clowns.

1 year ago
Reply to  napoleon

I’ve moved in past few yrs. NPC non-players are like the characters on the highway at the end of the 1956 Body Snatchers film.they see some random guy come out of the bushes screaming about pod people. They’re hurrying home toeat dinner, see the kids. We’ve been with the random guy who used to be one of the normies. We’ve shared his journey. We’ve identified with him, he is me/us now. We can’t just get back in our vehicles and go home. We may need to get a drink We may offer random guy a lift. It’s scary to be… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  Nickw @nikel99

fully agree i,ts all about personal experiences ,that word truth got famous when stafan molyneux started knocking out self help videos. What is objective and subjective reality? Subjective most commonly means based on the personal perspective or preferences of a person—the subject who’s observing something. In contrast, objective most commonly means not influenced by or based on a personal viewpoint—based on the analysis of an object of observation only. thats why they program you with both ,on multiple levels , i point out lazy writing, plaguerism ,mockery ,pelmanism,and recently psi-nema (the identification of the origins of the 911 story) i… Read more »

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