Tim Truth discusses Simon Shack and 9/11

The Secret’s Out! 9/11 Behind The Curtain: CGI Airplanes & Blown Up Buildings (Live Call In Show) ?? 2023-09-09 • ? 05:37:05 • ? 1.3 GB Podcast: Tim Truth on Odysee Author: Tim Truth Web player: https://podcastaddict.com/tim-truth-on-odysee/episode/163433051 Episode: https://player.odycdn.com/api/v3/streams/free/911-the-secrets-out/9ee05a102a4267caef9f73fa181d734c784b819c/92ea69.mp4

Interesting caller named Jay Bingham calls in around 3 hours and says he was the supply coordinator at the world trade center during the day of 9/11. Worth a listen.

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