Turtles all the way down

Vaccine skeptics all around the world are becoming becoming vaccine rejectionists.

Ron Unz, a former skeptic of vaccine critics, is forced to reconsider his instinctive pro-vaccine position:


Turtles All The Way Down Vaccine Science and Myth (Anonymous) (z-lib.org)

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1 year ago

I was tired of hearing for all my life how I was “putting children and the vulnerable at risk” by living my life stab-free. Any crack in the edifice is at least a partial win and I really hope more begin to see the light and question what they’re told. I hate that it took what we went through over the past few years, though.

1 year ago

I think that all the info coming to the public eye about the Covid vaccine being dangerous, and now the Anti-vaxxers were right in this one case completely dismisses the fact that what I put in my body is my business. It doesn’t matter if this vaccine is perceived to work or not. People should be appalled at the thought of forcing or coercing someone to do any vaccine.