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7 months ago

Nice thoughts Pasterno. Population math is hard to fathom, but if the largest 300 cities in India contain 200-500 million … I grew up in Montana,,USA, hinterlands, 4th largest state in the country and. population of less than one million. Ranchers own that state, as State Senators often come from districts of several thousand people, tops, but by law control 1/50th of the State Senate..That is how it works in rural states, landowners run the show. I have seen before the Texas scenario, and how little land it takes to house 8 billion people. What I don’t get is how… Read more »

7 months ago

It’s quite fascinating when you delve into the numbers: In India, approximately 200 million individuals reside in cities with populations exceeding 100,000. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cities_in_India_by_population Comparatively, in European countries and the United States, an average of 40% of the population lives in cities of over 100,000 inhabitants. This observation suggests a scaling factor of 2.5 is appropriate. Applying this logic, India’s urban population in such cities could be estimated at 200 million. Multiplying this times 2.5, totaling around 500 million people. This figure appears more realistic upon examination. One might contend that India’s demographic is more rural. However, examining the urbanization patterns… Read more »