Who will pay for the great reset?


All that debt has to be paid for in all the Western Nations where money was printed with abandon.

The whole goal was to hollow out the middle class and make them dependent on their governments.

How will their private property be stolen? Simple – by forfeiture.

Massive property taxes will be the lever get people out. It’s starting in France.

Remember this all started with a fake virus.

an increase of 59% in Paris, more than 31% in Grenoble… See the increase in the 191 largest cities in France

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10 months ago

Not only property tax but having insurance premiums rising, and/or outright refusal to issue new policies, and relentless inflation in everything needed to live. The debt doesn’t really have to be paid back, it could just be defaulted on, and with dollars!?, what give them value anymore? Only dumb as shit westerners that go along with every grift and hoax that have been crapped down their throats for as long as I can remember, I’m 70. Modern western society deserves to be exterminated.