Why I’m anti vax


Type 1 diabetes is one of the most debilitating, expensive, and endless chronic conditions there is.

It was predicted by our t1 care clinic that there was going to be a 5x increase in clients during the covaids years.

Of course this would be blamed on the “virus” and not the vaccine, as per the normal script/MO for the last 200 years.

Here’s a fresh thread that will likely be deleted by the time you read this that confirms the clinic’s statement of a few years ago.

This is not about the covaids vax. It’s about all vaccines.

Type 1 Diabetes onset after the Covid Vaccine in children…?

I wanted some input from others here, although I’m sure this will be taken down by the bigger powers that be who censor content. Read and you may understand…. So, back in December 2021 the mother of my 11 year old son (we have shared custody) got my son the Covid vaccine for kids against my advice and without my permission.

That said, by about one month later in January 2022 we started to notice massive weight loss and excessive thirst with my son. By March 5th he was admitted into the hospital at the very reputable All Children’s John Hopkins Hospital in the ICU 15 lbs of weight loss later and with a blood sugar level of 500+. Upon admission while still in the ER they tell us it’s 99% type one diabetes, then confirmed this once he was moved to the ICU. They tell us in the ER, ICU, and Med/Surg floors that they’ve had a 5 FOLD INCREASE in type one diabetes in children since the Covid Vaccine was released for children. Upon further questioning some medical professionals during our 5 day hospital stay, they tried to back peddle and say that the increase in type 1 onset in kids was happening since Covid, not just the vaccine for kids when I asked for their words in writing or notes they refused to comment further. This I found very odd and disturbing how the medical professionals story changed a bit after I asked every provider who saw him further questions about this correlation that THEY told us about. I may or may not have recorded all of these conversations as well for my records btw.

That said, it’s about a year and a half later now, my otherwise healthy son is insulin dependent and his mother chose to put him on an insulin pump rather than using insulin pins and it’s insanely expensive. The care for my son needed has definitely changed the dynamics of everything and our whole lives in general now have changed to care for him. I’ve let her and the treatment team know I can’t afford my share of those bills for what most insurance considers a “luxury item”. Comes to about 1k a month USD out of pocket to be on an insulin pump, and that’s with a very good insurance plan. Please note that prior to this my son was very healthy, in fact he eats healthier than most “health nuts” out there and has never had a soda to this very day. I’ve since been sent medical bills by her and had an attny or 2 try to reach me on her behalf. I’ve repetitively told them, “she gave the jab, she pays the tab”. I’m still livid to this day about the situation, primarily regarding the fact that my son will be insulin dependent the rest of his life and how this has all negatively affected him in many aspects of his life all around.

I have a few questions here I wanted input on….
1. Has anyone else has this experience or heard of others who have regarding the Covid vaccine for children….?
2. Has anyone successfully sued these Covid vaccine manufacturers or practitioners who administered it to children in such circumstances…?
3. Has anyone else noticed how they did an initial push for Covid Vaccines for kids in late 2021 when they released it, however within a few months of the release the push for it on ads, pharmacy counters etc… practically disappeared…?
4. What legal grounds do I have to stand on given what I have shared above…?

I know that this post may be controversial to some and some may interpret this as something politically related. It is not, it’s about my son! I just want to hear input from anyone with experience or knowledge with my type of situation who could please share their thoughts, experience, and/or knowledge that may be helpful to my questions above…? Thank you in advance!

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richard benedict
8 months ago

Thank you for posting this, Ab. You are right. it has been deleted. Rare aggressive cancers, myocarditis, in young people, etc. in the last year, I know personally of a half a dozen cases. Tim Osman is wrong on this one.