Why the vaccine injury LARPers?

They fake both sides, but don’t they have enough real injured people?

Real people don’t usually talk, and when they do, it’s unpredictable.

You need actors to control the message perfectly.

Darkside Papers Chat:
I wrote a short paper on it when the fake vaxxed injured LARPERS started.

so su:
Why are they faking it, is certainly the question that needs answering.

Why can you not separate the genuinely injured from the fake injured.

Yes I did see that, seems to me its increasing a lot now. Don’t know about the US but it seems very organised in the UK.

Darkside Papers Chat:
Seems pretty obvious, we’ve discussed this in length many times.

there are multiple reasons. One reason is to create the control group or the % of unjabbed for whatever purposes they have planned.

another reason is to create the illusion that these particular COVID vaccines are somehow more dangerous than ever before and more dangerous than all other previous vaccines which helps to legitimize all other vaccines.

and yet another reason of course would be as part of the “slow reveal” campaign which was planned from the beginning of course.

slowly reveal them as dangerous so they can send in their knights on white horses like RFK Jr. to provide the solutions (more government).

so su:
Why not publicise genuine injury, why make it up?

Alexander Rimmer:
Or they would have actually had to poison people (or have more actors pretending) to convince them it was real. So maybe the way they did it was an improvement over old pandemics.

KiwiAngloAmerican (Al):
Maybe so they can control the flow of information. Plenty of vax injured/deaths here, but the main one i researched i could find no evidence the person was real. And our main truther media gal exposing it comes with two isrseli trained body guards… like any other average citizen jounalist ?

Alexander Rimmer:
Murders, car crashes etc are real but they still fake them. I’m sure you can think of at least 10 reasons to fake them. If not you aren’t even trying.

Start with controlling the narrative and all publicity and go from there.

Darkside Papers Chat:
There’s a few different reasons, I think.

When you fake injuries, you can misdirect people to think certain things about the vaccines – like let’s say they cause Heart Attacks for example – which can run cover for what the vaccines are actually doing.

Then there’s the idea that psychologically – if you see a fake injury, it doesn’t affect you in the same way that real injuries do.

So subconsciously, the public can justify it by thinking – I’ve seen vaccine injuries, they’re not so bad.

another reason to fake a vax injury is to expose the fakery for the normies

see the Rashid Buttar debacle as an example.


so su:
Yeah point taken, I guess it gives them maximum control.

The Scottish pair of vax injured are intriguing. The one who just lays in bed with sun glasses on fine, easy to fake. But the one who lost the bottom part of his leg from blood clots you would have thought must be real. They’re interesting because they were first to get going with the publicised injuries and they have been on all the shilly podcasts. Maybe one real one fake?

Alexander Rimmer:
Maybe he lost his leg some other way (car accident etc). That’s what they normally do.

so su:
If anyone is interested


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