TnT bombs just like nooklear

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Not only do large TnT explosions look just like the nuclear explosions we are shocked and awed by, they also radiate just like them at 11000k. This number indicates fakery, but the point remains: how could anyone tell the difference between the two? It’s easy here, since nuclear is likely a fair y tale.

Experimental observations indicate that electromagnetic (EM) radiation is emitted after the de-
tonation of high explosives (HE) charges. The movement of ionized atoms, particles and electrons
seems to be the underlying cause. Expansion of the detonation products (DP) drives a strong (~1
kb) shock in surrounding air. This forms an intense thermal wave (T ~11,000 K) with duration of
~20 microseconds. Such temperatures create significant ionization of the air. According to Ohm’s
Law, movement of ionized patches generates current; and according to the Biot-Savart Law, such
currents induce electric and magnetic fields.……

Phony settlements

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The purpose of this phony story is to reinforce the entirely ficticous 9/11 narrative.

I doubt any money changed hands, including actor Lucky Larry (although he may receive acting stipends).

American Airlines (AA) [11] and United Airlines have agreed to a $95.1 million settlement with the developer of the World Trade Center in New York City over the September 11, 2001 attacks, ending 13 years of litigation.…

Buildings coming down mashup in movies

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I fell asleep a few times to this recommended vid, but found the part at 1:34:33 and onwards for a few minutes interesting: the montage of buildings being blown up pre-9/11 was well done. It’s called predictive programming. Otherwise Adam believes in a few too many myths for my liking.

Where’s all the amateur footage?

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Quite then dust cloud.

Remember, all 9 WTC complexes were downed as seen here – except we didn’t get the real video. We got a Hollywood version to keep you guessing and questioning.


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Grilling Soundwave with Zal, Delcroix, Anounceofsalt, Napoleon Wilson, John Adams, Phil Blanks, Notsofreemason, JamesM

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@JRAdams857 You are (unfortunately) right :smiley:

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DOR111717: return of James 

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Brian welcomes the return of NZ James Sloan in this belchfest. Try and count the burps.…