Toronto’s 322 Mayor hoax 

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Some times small bits of truth are buried in fiction. 

Why does (deceased) Rob Ford still have an active cell phone plan? 

Rob Ford was Toronto’s mini JFK. The mountain of anomalies surrounding his demise are too great to think any aspect was not scripted. 

He was “sacrificed” to give fellow mason John Tory a kick at the can, since without a stark contrast to and an early exit of Ford, Tory couldn’t get elected dog catcher. 

“I will be 12 in a few weeks and I do wish you could be here for my birthday,” she said. “I have called you and left you messages ever since you left to tell you I miss you every day and I love you.”

The Big Guy would have approved, been so proud and shed a tear, too. Lots of people did – namely Rob’s big brother, Doug, who was having difficulty keeping it together.

“I know it’s true because I have Rob’s cell phone and I heard Stephanie’s messages,” Doug said, fighting off tears.…

Fakeologist blowback 

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I get some (negative) reaction from yesterday’s appearance discussed at the beginning of the H&F show.

Mention at 38:30

Mention at 1:06:00

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FAK161b-Humble and Fred Appearance

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When? March 22, 2017

Where? Humble and Fred studios

Here’s the clipped version if you don’t want to wait.

322 Skull And Bones London Hoax

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Cluesforum thread

All the usual youtubers have analysis on the London 322 #HRDPAR.

Do you think the masses, who are the targets of these hoax stories, are even paying attention?

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I discuss my latest guest appearance on the Humble and Fred show.

Fakeologist meets Humble and Fred Radio

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I will be appearing tomorrow around 7am EDT on Sirius Simulated Satellite Radio live. This will be my first foray onto semi-fakeologist ground. Wish me luck.

Feel free to call in at 1-855-662-4743.

An absolutely hilarious daily podcast from Toronto’s popular morning team Humble and Fred.

Source: Humble and Fred Radio Podcasts | Funny Daily Podcasts From Toronto’s Favourite Radio Duo

Here it is… I tried. I will try again soon. 

Thanks for calling in Uninstall Media!… explains elite gender inversion / Patrick Adair explains pre-arranged funerals / Is Wayne Gretzky a woman / A music peformance by Kate Kurdyak of the Katherines.