Putting words in sim’s mouths 

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I’m sure the military has been putting words in sim’s mouths for a while now. 

Deconstructing Columbine

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The parent of the Sandy Hoax, but for high school.

This will be a worthwhile series, especially since this psyOp occurred before mass internet use, and is therefore somewhat under investigated.

I have to wonder, however, what forward movement means when I am standing still. Another direction? I will bust my butt on the Columbine Massacre, figure out how they pulled it off, and only a few will read the words. Honestly, most Americans are incapable of reading and processing large volumes of written words. Most do not possess critical thinking skills. The words that follow, and there will be many, are like dust particles in a wind storm. They cause discomfort.

Source: Columbine: Not a tear was shed for victims (Part One) | Piece of Mindful

Yoga hoax comment indicates more censorship

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U-tube must be deputizing anybody to censor comments and videos, and now playlists.

Time for people to migrate to their own websites, or other youtube like sites, or just plain old torrent sharing free programs to pass around videos, like resilio sync.

h/t Xileffelix

AC-Ab, Kham

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5:11 PM] napoleon wilson:
[5:17 PM] anounceofsaltperday: Do we have access to infinite cash?@Fakeologist www.youtube.com…
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[5:28 PM] napoleon wilson:
[5:29 PM] napoleon wilson:
[5:30 PM] napoleon wilson: Space is a big place, whether actual or imaginary, and is full of opportunities to make money, for those who know how. Like municipalities and governments, who bleed cash from tax collections, the satellite industry attracts those who know how to make money out of nothing.
[5:31 PM] napoleon wilson: always a good read
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[5:35 PM] napoleon wilson: x

Kyle Mason on Propaganda and Monetary Dominance

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Good interview from fakeologist Notsofreemason on who “they” are.