AC0348-SMJ Live! in Austin

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With Chris Kendall, KHam, Farcevalue, and Rochello.

Wish I was there! A peaceful rally of Fakeologists.

NB:the audio was boosted as much as possible. Quality is poor.

No statues were harmed in this event.

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Too Many People? On the Viability of Conspiratorial Beliefs | Cutting Through the Fog

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Good article on a newer blog.

We’ve all heard it: “That can’t possibly be true—too many people would have to be involved. Somebody would have spilled the beans by now.” In fact, that is usually the first reaction I hear from people I’ve tried to enlighten about topics such as 9/11. It’s almost like a knee-jerk reflex, and it’s apparently enough to stop them from even considering any conspiracy theory further.

Source: Too Many People? On the Viability of Conspiratorial Beliefs | Cutting Through the Fog

Charlottesville set up

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A real march meets the Union Army and a psyop division. Fetzer interviews one of the organizers.

2nd half of the show devolves into Jew bashing trolls (organized).

Running of the trucks in Barcelona

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Crisis actors/LARPers:

For any Chinese who can’t detect sarcasm, I can 100% sure JLB is being sarcastic in this troll-the-masses video.

If the liveleak video they are showing as “proof” is the best evidence they have, then they have no evidence and are not using the more realistic Helliweird producers that Charlotteville had.


For contrast, here’s what I believe is a real story of a truck killing or nearly killing people that got no attention worldwide.

crash, Brampton

Now here’s a driving tip: be aware of who’s behind you. If you choose to stop at an amber light, be aware that if there’s 80,000lbs behind you who’s playing with his phone or not interested in stopping, then you need to blow that light and argue later if you are accused of running a red. Brampton has very fast roads and more truck traffic than anywhere in Canada, combined with more new Canadian drivers who don’t understand the risks involved. The insurers do, as this area has some of the highest premiums anywhere.

Mackinac Machinations? | Piece of Mindful

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Enjoyed this piece at POM.

The United States was slow to forget the oil crisis of the 1970s. Gasoline rationing and lines at the pumps going around the block were anathema to the post-WWII lifestyle that Americans had gotten used to enjoying. The oil shortage changed their political views, and more than that, their buying habits.

My comment:

Did anyone ever do a psyOp on the Pony?
Seriously, I enjoyed this story (never heard of it before) because the Mackinac Bridge intimidated me back in the 80s when I drove across it for the first time. The view through the grates to the Strait is breathtaking and, well, very high. I have no doubt with your writing that this is a hoax, and I doubt the Yugo had any affect on the Big 3. As a matter of fact, it was an awful car that only the poorest would dare drive.As a symbol of all small cars, I’d agree that the story was probably useful to cast aspersions on small cars and help promote Big Steel. Please look at the vicsim report and label those that you think died please.… As an aside, the doc about how this bridge was built is well worth the watch.

Source: Mackinac Machinations? | Piece of Mindful

AC0347-JLB, Silverbeam

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Charlottesville to natural selection.

Front men are necessarily actors 

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Great comment:

And finally for today, I just wanted to share a thought based on the reference above to “high-ranking officials are largely actors” and that this is one of the big secrets that limited hangouts try to distract from.

The actor theory may or may not be true, and the theory that actor-leaders are one of the truths limited hangouts are hiding may or may not be true, but they are interesting questions. One thing that strikes me, though, is that actor-leaders aren’t that well-hidden a secret. Or, to put it differently, it’s a secret hiding in plain sight.

People mocked Reagan for being a former B-movie actor without realizing that his experience had something to do with his being chosen. Trump’s experience as a reality tv-star and Wrestlemania character is similarly mocked without being considered as the basis for his selection by TPTB or indeed, part of the training they put him through with the Presidency in mind as a possibility.

This site’s work on all the former rock stars who ghosted and in some cases reappeared makes a lot of sense in the context of actor-officials.

And indeed, the concept of a “front man” is well-understood: “a person who represents an organization and works to make its image more appealing to the public.”

And finally, this reminds me of something that people have said before, which is that Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World were not “dystopian visions” but descriptions of the contemporary and future state of the art of power and control. And Big Brother is clearly a larger-than-life but actually non-existent front man.

Similarly, the Wizard of Oz movie was quite explicit about the fact that the “Great and Terrible Oz” is controlled by “the little man behind the curtain.”

We’re all in Plato’s cave, watching the shadows flickering on the wall. And, just like with Wrestlemania, we WANT to suspend our disbelief. We want to believe that our cheerleading and voting and outrage in the Clinton-Trump show somehow mattered, in spite of the obvious fact that 1 vote out of 120 million is meaningless (and the count is rigged anyway). So we don’t want to think of these people as actors.

But why wouldn’t they be? It would be silly for the controllers insist on being the stars of the show all the time. Sure, they get tempted sometimes, and sometimes do it. But certainly there are some powers behind the scenes. If there aren’t, then the world of power is more chaotic than competent controllers would want it to be. Think of it like a movie. The producer wants to tell a story, make some money, mesmerize the audience, and maybe influence their thinking a little. And it’s probably easier to do that with a glamorous front man actor. Sure, the producer might cast his cousin in a main part, and he might even give himself a cameo, but the important thing is for the movie to WORK on the audience, to not flop, to make money.

The most powerful people in the world would rather CONTROL things than campaign and make speeches all day and draw the ire of half the country. The most powerful people in the world didn’t get BEATEN by community organizer Barack Obama in a power competition, they HIRED him for a pageant.

We all know all this and don’t know it at the same time, in different proportions. Even among truth seekers like ourselves, who among us has no emotions about Trump and Hillary? It was a hell of a movie!

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