The Fakeologist Audiochat is a broadcasting technology developed by founder Ab Irato and Fakeologist member Velocet. The system facilitates disparate voice platforms such as Discord, Guilded, Skype and regular ol’ landline phone being conferenced together; allowing Fakeologist members’ to host discussions whenever, wherever —as Shakira would say.

The Audiochat service has the added benefits of processing the audio for improved listenability, live streaming the resultant program online, as well as recording the material for archival and open distribution via podcast feeds.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in the Audiochat. From within the Virtual Studio, members’ can convene at any time for a chat —with the added ability to playback media on command and make independent recordings.

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Get instructions on how to connect using voice over the internet:

Or call the Fakeologist hotline on a conventional phone line: