Rabbit trails

This page is a brief timeline of my rabbit trails pathway, and how I came to believe that 9/11 is the biggest hoax of our generation.

Howard Stern has Jesse Ventura on
-Seeking more interviews of Ventura, I find Alex Jones interviews with Jesse
-Download Alex Jones audios, discover his video archives after joining
-watch In Plane Sight, Loose Change(s), Great American PsyOpera, September Clues
-still seeking Jesse interviews, find Jim Fetzer audios. Fetzer is the most consistent 9/11 and JFK talker
-discover http://letsrollforums.com/ and learn of empty WTC towers
-rewatch September Clues after reading comment from Clare on Fetzer blog
-find cluesforum.info and learn about media fakery.
-look for audio outlining Lets Roll Forums and find Phil broadcasts on talkshoe
-buy Dr. Judy Wood theory and try it out on others
-look for Occam’s razr and learn of psyops
-start audio and find group of like minded people who mostly agree on media fakery
-start new radio.abirato.info show Saturdays to discuss psychological operations (psyops)

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8 thoughts on “Rabbit trails

  1. Shawn Foster

    listened to Mae Brussels on radio. Realized government abused people and pretended to be virtuous. Realized people were better than how they are presented on mainstream media. People have woken up to the extent possible now, this is our time to escape the gravity of the perverts.

  2. bonusobliquusbonusobliquus

    Born in early 80s into a family of leftists: Grandparents were FDR democrats; union folks. Mother/Aunts/Uncles were a bit farther left than that.
    Some of my earliest memories of my Mom explaining politics to me had to do with communist apologetics: “It really is the perfect system, if only people could follow the doctrine more purely”
    Through later elementary school and junior high I worked for the local democrats; phone banking, door to door, putting up signs, etc
    Had a great realization when I got to finally meet one of the State Reps I had been doing so much work for: He was an obvious drunkard and sleazeball, and when I pointed that out to one of the local party guys he gave me a dose of reality: they are/were all like that, by design, that’s just the way it is…
    Got more into leftist philosophy in high school; decided to become a labor lawyer.
    Got a job at a factory to help pay for college, joined the union and became very disillusioned of the modern labor movement
    Started tending towards more radical leftist ideas: anarcho-capatilism/syndicalism
    Became traumatized enough by my factory/college/young adult experience that I decided to take a sharp turn away from all that: to become a farmer
    Moved out to the west coast and fell in with some anarcho-primitive types. Learned a great deal about agriculture/wilderness skills.
    Happily I recognized Obama for what he was and voted for McKinney in 08. Around the same time I first saw Zeitgeist, Loose Change.
    Came across the work of Anthony Sutton in 2010 and started looking back with embarrassment on my Marxist days. Also around that time I realized Obama was really no different from Bush, and the ideas of false dialectic/controlled opposition started growing. Still holding on to anarchist ideals…
    I don’t recall when I first found gnostic media, but I had known about them for while when I first read Jan’s: Manufacturing the Deadhead
    I had been a huge fan of the Grateful Dead and especially Phish for many years, and the whole 60s culture in general, so to come to an understanding about how it was just a intel agency creation was pretty earth shattering.
    Around the same time found Dave McGowans work and read Jay Dyer’s piece on the ‘Drug Fractured Psyche’.
    I also felt a bit victimized by the ‘drug culture’, or certainly had friends that came away from youthful drug use much worse for the wear, so Jay’s writing resonated.
    Became very enamored with Mr. Dyer’s writings on philosophy and started making some major changes to my own thinking.
    I found the fellows at Hoax busters through Jay, and found Fakeologist through them. I found Sept. clues through this site and am presently working my way through that amazing catalog of ideas.

  3. Hoi Polloi

    Hmm, this explanation of Ab’s has turned into a cool thread. Let me see if I can recollect mine.

    – Elementary school – children constantly passing rumors around about the fakeness and lack of believability in stories of Michael Jackson, nuclear weapons, war stories, religious precepts, etc. etc. – probably gleaned from intelligent parents teaching them critical thinking
    – WACO and OJ Simpson trial seemed to confuse/overwrite those smart kids’ narratives, and yet I saw no good reason why except that some smart skeptical kids were now getting more bullied by the zealous believers
    – 9/11/2001, in college, an intelligent person declared the plane crash videos fake upon viewing them, which I tried to dismiss as cynical, but kept reviewing in my head and not having an argument against
    – In college, the height of my mainstream, emotionally disruptive “Michael Shermer”-brand skepticism
    – Post college, the height of actual intelligent thought and examination of the real world
    – In 2006 I was examining NASA videos and noticing some weird faults and contradictions.
    – Wrote to purportedly educational cable channel about their slanted coverage of the “moon hoax” believers, which discredited them without even listening to their arguments.
    – Friend showed me doctored pictures of 9/11 victims and pointed out photoshopped elements within. Stayed with me.
    – 2006-2007 saw “Loose Change” and later the first edition of “September Clues”
    – Read David Ray Griffin’s book on the 9/11 Commission Report
    – Watched BSregistration/fred videos on LiveVideo joking around with blue screen skies and underwater footage using chroma key, and found them very challenging but unsatisfying
    – (Re)discovered Killtown’s 9/11 research and forum (911movement)
    – Watched critiques of ‘September Clues’ wherein I could tell there were attempts to deceive, mislead and poo-poo the research without actually disproving the points raised by Simon
    – Contacted David Ray Griffin about doing illustrations for him but he would not address TV fakery, and the relationship fizzled
    – Rewatched ‘September Clues’ and messaged Simon through LiveVideo
    – Critiqued the Nextel/Naudet propaganda movie “9|11” from start to finish with several YouTube videos, sent to Simon
    – Simon enjoyed them and we speculated about working together one day
    – Watched carefully the comments I received for my research videos and noted the number of people obviously there for disingenuous reasons, learned about derailment efforts and how various groups with “theories” tried to seduce people, including prominent academics
    – 2008, met Simon on Skype, we talked about meeting up when I come to Italy
    – 2009, met Simon in person
    – Explored MITRE/RAND/CIA connections and also a number of derailment efforts of people keeping researchers off the CIA trail by blaming “P-tech” and learned about deliberately placed red herrings, and the depth of limited hangout operations
    – Posting at 911movement on the companies supposedly in the towers, and the people that supposedly died, especially that ‘so far’ just going through the last names starting with “A”, there didn’t seem to be a strongly legitimate entry among the lot.
    – 911movement zetaboards shut down/removed from the world wide web while I was at Simon’s house
    – brianv suggests a replacement site where we can comment and write freely
    – We start “Reality Shack” on zetaboards, while monitoring the limited hangout sites “Pump It Out” (seemingly to grow antagonists of 911movement), the Judy Wood network, the Nico Haupt network (probably the same thing), the “Let’s Roll Forum” network (seemingly attempts to grow the following/work of poor researchers, distractions and derailments from 911movement’s worst and/or continue Pumping [disinfo] Out to create more limited pools and dead ends that avoid addressing the extent of “victim” backstopping and TV fakery technology.)
    – Zetaboards Psy-Opped by “copyright” claimer, we are forced to move
    – We create totally independent CluesForum.info

  4. lux

    I think your rabbit trail is typical of many of us who are trying to find the truth in all this. I also think it illustrates that the even the shills (like Ventura, Jones, etc) are actually doing more harm than good to their own pay masters’ plans.

    1. LuciferLucifer

      It’s called collateral damage. The wall of disinformation
      is massive. I never realized how massive until a couple years ago when I “discovered” 911. The thing is, it is all “in your face. ” They know that we know that they know etc.. that 99% of it is organised disinformation backed up by noise from the web. We can do squat about it. Anything that can get through the maze is nothing compared to what it would be like if the wall was not there. Most people can’t even see the maze, much less they will try to cross something they can not take for granted. So, for me it was the grasping of this basic yet mandatory concept to make me start digging, and since I love puzzles digging I did.

  5. Kai

    and here is my white rabbit adventure…

    i was around 6 years old going to a baptist church in germany 🙂 (MIL dad) when people left the church for good, we had a potluck dinner and I was happy to go to church THEN! some kids came to me and said someone threw (green) jello all over the side of the church. I ran out to see and at the perfect time the pastor showed up, accused me of the deed and told me I had to clean it up! I knew INSTANTLY he was a liar, a fraud and definitely wasn’t talking to GOD! My religious programming was short circuited (YES!!!!!!!!).

    around age 11 i became obsessed with understanding money and started asking a lot of questions that led me to the CFR around age 14. ebay came along perfectly and I found a book all about CFR…it was on like donkey kong in the conspiracy realm.

    I hit college and had to stop the side research about weird topics. first semester of freshman year 9/11 happens. it would be two years before I went back to examine it with fresh eyes…I was an econ/finance student so I had many informed questions that were refused to answer BASICALLY. i quit going to classes and just aced everything they asked me to pass…i barely left college with a “C” GPA. During college I studied intensely the peak oil theory…about a year after graduating I realized the con that it was.

    Worse is I received exactly NO RAISE for that piece of paper, just a fresh start at a big monopoly that got me no where. I began wondering about the legal underpinning of the debt associated to this “education”…

    Since I realized 9/11 didnt add up, and I had NO FLIPPING IDEA what to do after college, I was moments away from law school but didnt have the heart for it. instead, i began reading law…realized after a few years how we willingly created all this bull$hit through consent via CONtract and pledges (on the ‘public’ civil side) all based on mutual trust. Its basically ALL based on trust law straddling a few jurisdictions. Understand the jurisdictions you step into (ponds) and you can safely navigate the waters of commerce. Sadly I discovered money is the main division to that trust…wo/men are in fact, ‘the money’ today 🙂

    Once I began standing up lawfully, I found a community that took it to a whole other dimension in understanding. I knew alot of the alt media was pawned from beginning and I realized the aurora stuff was complete bull…i mean TOTAL. so it was fortuitous someone showed me DGB and his thesis…I resonated to the CONcept, but was incredulous at his obvious shill claims. I realized he’s either a, one himself, or b, trying to put that out as a way of saying, i’m just playing around on the internet, not being serious (obviously!?)…either way DGB led me to cluesforum…which is hilarious since clues doesnt really like DGB.

    It is my belief DGB fits into the clues thesis, quite nicely, if we could only all get along 🙂 I think we do mostly…

  6. Blue Moon

    My rabbit trail
    Baptized Roman Catholic
    My parents divorce when I’m 2 years old
    My mother remarries a non-Catholic but still drags me and my brother to church
    At age eight, during the height of the anti-smoking/fight cancer multi-media frenzy of the mid sixties I see my local parish priest smoking- I can’t articulate it but from here on out I know something is fundamentally wrong with grown up’s reality (I hear a lot of “do as I say, not as I do” in these years)
    Non participant in school- Get rotten grades- Nothing terrible happens- There is no “permanent record”-
    1983- I read Holy Blood Holy Grail and have confirmed everything I knew about my moral elders- Liars and Thieves! (Later I actually am reassured somehow when the authors are revealed to have been hoaxed)
    1988- Listen to Dave Emory and hear for the first time the concept that the death of JFK was a military coup- My mind has never been as blown as it was that night- (Eventually figure out Emory is a useful idiot rather than a gatekeeper- His personality apparently doesn’t allow for any deviation from his “facts” so he doesn’t need to be tended to)
    Play around with JFK research, more as a parlor game and cudgel to whack my media believing friends with (all in good fun)-
    OKC bombing- Along with the BS of official stories regarding the assassinations etc. I’m prepped to sift through the lies- My big takeaway from studying this event is to realize that the hot needle given to death row inmates is a con. The film Point of No Return with Bridget Fonda lays it right out for you in the first 20 minutes- McVeigh is alive and has a new ID and assignment, probably in Europe-
    Discover Fetzer through his Zapruder Film books- Confusing and tantalizing at the same time-
    911- Because it was communicated to me as television programming, my BS meter stayed permanently in the red- TV has to lie to enthrall- If TV told the truth no one would watch because reality would make TV redundant- Some general with lots of fruit salad on his chest says the attacks have the signature of Osama Bin Laden- I think back to the bombing of the USS Cole and how the generals howled that America was unprepared meaning Clinton’s peace dividends needed to be redirected back to military coffers- A friend of mine predicted some kind of war as Dubya was assembling his cabinet with hawks-
    I discover first that the internet is a gold mine of conspiracy research and simultaneously drop out of the game as it seems everyone knows everything now and what fun is that?
    I discover blogs and podcasts and get back in the game, my whole understanding of history being overturned with each episode from Fetzer to Peace Revolution to Gnostic Media to Black Op Radio to individuals like John Taylor Gatto, Ivan Illich, and other legitimate and gate keeping illegitimates and finally to Simon Shack and the Clues forum-
    At this point the media fakery concept has pruned my podcast list or altered my use of some shows, characters and ideas- For example, Webster Tarpley is held in low regard and that’s understandable but his thesis on Venice and England is, I’m convinced, wholly supportable, and not just because I’m a well lubricated Irishman-
    And that leaves me at Radio Ab’s doorstep- Thanks-

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