Epstein trust won Powerball

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An illusion wins an illusion.

Epstein’s Zorro Trust won the Powerball jackpot in 2008…From 1984, a work of nonfiction:

The Lottery, with its weekly payout of enormous prizes…The prizes were largely imaginary. Only small sums were actually paid out, the winners of the big prizes being nonexistent persons. t.co/A93L6Jpvmk

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Tue Aug 9 2022: FAK588-Uncle Vigilante

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Skin is your third kidney

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Monkeypox is being attributed to men who have sex with men, a rerun of the AIDS hoax from the 80s.

If contagion is a myth, then what’s going on during sex?


There is no such thing as a sexually transmitted disease.

When the body becomes so toxic, it goes into one or more of several detox modes.

Discharging toxins through the skin is one method. A Cold sore is an example of this. Of course these can look different in different people and depending on different types of toxins.

For this particular skin legion, they have decided to call it “Monkeypox”

Every generation, we can see new versions of this detox as new toxins are introduced into the world and consumed by apes, like the guy above.

“Poppers” in the late 70s and 80s is a perfect example of this. It led to new “lesions” which eventually were labeled AIDS and blamed on a non-existent virus that they called HIV, which nobody in the world has ever seen.

The body uses the skin essentially as a third kidney.

The orifices are sometimes used as one or more of these waste dumps.

Sometimes, one partner in a relationship can “catch” a genital disease while the other doesn’t.

This is because the toxic discharge is not contagious.

However, it is also not unusual to have both partners discharging in a similar fashion, as is the case with this guy and his “friend” who likely spent hours fucking each other in the ass and performing oral sex on each other (in addition to the ass eating).

And that was probably after hours of hardcore partying, heavy drugs and alcohol (an assumption on my part, of course).

People who are in a relationship are often participating in the same lifestyle and therefore are consuming and are exposed to the same toxins at the same frequency, creating the illusion of contagion. But you don’t have to be in a relationship to experience this, you could just be a weekend warrior or have a one night stand and experience it as well (as this guy most likely has).

Furthermore, when one partner is discharging from the skin there will be a high concentration of bacteria and/or fungus feeding upon the dead and damaged tissue.

These microbes are themselves discharging toxic waste.

Therefore if one were to have sex with a discharging/detoxing person (as this guy did), the genital skin of the healthy person can become quite irritated by the friction with the microbial waste in their partner’s genital area and develop a temporary rash or “pox” in this case, which creates another illusion of contagion.

Furthermore still, the medication that is prescribed for these “conditions” is itself toxic and designed to suppress the pain of the detox process, which also stops the toxins from being discharged, further increasing the body’s toxic load.

This guarantees more detox events in the future, perpetuating the process indefinitely which itself creates another illusion of chronic disease, in this example, of a seemingly sexual nature.

There is also the phenomena of recurring channel detox.

When the body establishes an open detox channel from a particular area, it can leave that channel open over long periods of time, perhaps for life, and as long as we keep poisoning ourselves it will keep outflowing from that spot.

If this happens in the genital area it is mistaken as an infectious chronic genital disease by mainstream medicine.

It’s also important to acknowledge how bias human beings are to remembering things in a way which absolves them of accountability and/or in a way which reinforces previously held beliefs and education – like this guy who has the mind of a Buzzfeed employee.

We hear lots of anecdotes about people catching an STD after sex when in fact it is likely the symptoms were beginning to emerge already (due of course to toxic lifestyle choices) though by chance the healing event didn’t peak until soon after a sexual exchange and so the sexual encounter is blamed.

This kind of biased interpretation of past events is equally responsible for the illusion of contagious flu and cold, etc, symptoms emerging after an encounter with a person or group of people.

Via t.me/DarksidePapers/3745

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FAK587-Linda Kalstrom and Martin

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Linda is from Finland and has been discussing the dangers of vaccines after her firstborn was injured by an infant vaccine.
She has since been attacked and the subject of a documentary about antivaxxers, while also being accused of questioning the H.

  1. vaccinationdilemma.com/proceed…
  2. heiwaco.tripod.com/news.htm
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Do Fakeologists appreciate Sync?

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The Australian Saturday evening audiochat, destined to become The Rick and Rollo Show, ended up running for 10+ hours. This is a little much for the website and podcast to handle without severely damaging audio quality. The go-to move is to split the audio into two digestable chunks. Since there are so many lineup changes with members filtering in and out, I scrub through the recording to find a place where the initial crowd are leaving, cap the R&R show there, and the rest becomes an aftercall of sorts.

After publishing this week’s audio, I was loading the masters onto the replay feed and noticed that my chosen split point was halfway through the 10+ hour chat. Not just halfway, but exactly halfway – like, within 14 seconds halfway. Two audio files: 5hrs 17mins each!

Immediately after FAC1119! – Are we in some weird mirror image reality, or what?

The norm with Rick and Rollo is to spin a record every ~40 mins or so to add even more zing and pep to the show. The first song, at Rick’s request, was “The Shuffle Man” by Robyn Hitchcock. I had never heard this song before and, if pressed, would have guessed it was released during the post-punk era. As it turns out, Robyn Hitchcock is indeed an English pop/punk musician from way back, but this is a brand new single from his 2022 album Shufflemania, due out in October. I looked up the song to save it to my ‘new discoveries’ playlist and then the bigger sync revealed itself in the artwork.

*cat wink* -Velocet

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The staged fake hoax Alex Jones trial

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Miles is really the only one calling this one correctly.

Click to access jones4.pdf

Click to access jones2.pdf

Can we all stop listening to Infowars now?

It was all staged as a bluff, to make you THINK you could be sued for stating your opinion and presenting evidence. It was staged to keep you quiet. There are no laws of that sort, but they want you to THINK there are. Because if you keep quiet from fear of lawsuit or prosecution, there is no need to actually have any laws. You will then be controlled by lies, not laws. And you always have been.

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