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Why the Fake Assassination Attempt of Donald Trump is a Good Thing After years of fake school shootings, fake mail-in ballots, two fake elections, a fake pandemic, and a fake vaccine, I see no harm in a fake shooting designed to win Donald Trump the presidency. Do you? If our choice for president is four more years of an impostor pretending to be Joe Biden, or four more years of Donald Trump, I’ll take Trump.

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Always fun when a new fakeologist shows up – this one is a young woman from Houston, TX, who is having trouble dealing with all the fear porn.

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Bonversations | Ep #49 | Fakenukes Phil [2] (19-Jul-2024)

Bonversations | Ep #49 | Fakenukes Phil [2] (19-Jul-2024) ?? 2024-07-20 • ? 58:47 • ? 43 MB Podcast: John le Bon Author: John le Bon Web player: https://podcastaddict.com/john-le-bon/episode/179636994 Episode: https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/i37n5jprk468m9au/Bonversations_49a_Fakenukes-Phil-2_19-Jul-20249vfff.mp3 What are the most obvious clues that the Trump ‘shooting’ was a staged event? Is there evidence that some pop culture figures knew about the event in advance? How can the skeptics explain the lights in the sky, alleged to be Starlink, if outer space is a hoax? Part 2 of this call runs another hour and can be found at Bonversations dot com.

FAC1439-Disoriented Chat

We’ve had better chats, but not all can be winners.

Franny goes nutz over trying to play his DaveJ AI song.

Ab eventually played it.

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With Ab and Typoerror

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