The antisemitic psyop

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Hellywood’s actors are used to scare the gentiles and the Jews that there is a big divide when there is not.

Classic divide and rule to put a tiny minority in charge of the majority to keep everyone in check.

Any discussion of this psyop is considered “hate” speech that is outlawed.

The King’s methods can not be discussed and therefore exposed, so the discussion my be made illegal.…

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Sam Bankman Psyop

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If this was real, he wouldn’t be talking.

I’m starting to wonder if any part of this story is real, including whether even one person invested in this elaborate hoax to bring in regulation if not elimination of decentralised crypto.

I’ve always said that crypto could be the kryptonite of the entire banking system and the bankers want to put the genie back in the bottle or at least keep it close.

This is a OJ level psyopera that will play on for years.

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It’s no longer black or white

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Anyone else notice how they’ve replaced the word black in language with dark?

When a market existed that wasn’t under the direct control or subjugation of the government it was called the black market.

Logically then the area of the internet that the government doesn’t monitor or control or have a handle on should be called the black web.

My guess is that political correctness and concern about black people was the reason they wanted to start the dark concept for anything they didn’t control or disapproved of.

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Fourth reich in plain sight

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They rarely hide it.

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