Shingles are not caused by a virus

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YumNaturals Emporium Amandha Vollmer, [1/15/2022 1:50 PM]
Shingles are not caused by a virus. What is called a virus (which has never been isolated or confirmed), but really we can call this matter virions, which are pleomorphic bacterial end products (spores or phages) during nerve detox and regeneration aka healing. When you turn over tissue, there are wastes. When tissue dies, it needs to be renovated, broken down, removed.

How do you think that is done by the body? By fungus, by bacteria, by the living things in your body, endemic to your body, but if you damage this, external microbes will volunteer to help you to stay alive. You know those things that we keep killing with vaccines, antibiotics? Those.

Vaccines actually cause shingles and other disease states, injecting into the body, by-passing all defences, thereby poisoning the terrain and introducing the resultant somatids aka nucleic acid protein products (from bacteria) out of someone else (nonself), confusing the body, causing a detox reaction through the nervous system tissue (via dermatomes and in the weaker cells of that person’s body, strong cells are not affected) in a similar fashion which is what we call shingles. I often can relate external toxin exposure to where shingles blooms, for example years of wearing an underwire bra or an old injury site.

Does a fly cause the garbage that it eats? Of course not. To blame the fly for breaking down our wastes would be imbecilic. Yet this is what we do with the ridiculous and falsified germ theory.

It is convenient for billion dollar corporations as well as corrupt governments to lie to you about the nature of disease to keep you in the dark, in order to manipulate you via fear using your ignorance to their favour.

Just because the scientific war was lost to scoundrels like Pasteur, does not mean all the knowledge is lost. They do their best to hide it from you, create lies about it and blast their massaged data to you over and over until you believe it, like being loured into a cult. Read Ethyl Douglas Hume. It’s a real page turner.

And the worst of it, the part that most minds are too weak to handle, is that the real purpose of the vaccines is to not only make customers for life, but to shorten life, as the slaves have become too many. In fact, culling the herd is a form of sport for these evil worshiping deviants.

That is why most people fall for the scam, they are unable to comprehend the history, the scale, the bottom of the rabbit hole sickness of these creatures; the long planned end-game of these luciferian and saturnian demon worshippers.

It’s not my fault you were tricked. I was tricked too. I am paying for it in my 40s now, as the evidence of their poisons is as devious as they. So center your energy toward revealing and releasing the truth it all its ways, for this true-light will expose those in the shadows, who have been manipulating your free will for longer than you can imagine, and we can truly enter an era of wellness, prosperity, and harmony.

?May this message find you heart centered.? #adv #vaccines


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Justsayindude comes back after many years to tell of a cancer scare and vaccine damage and death.

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Close analysis done by a UK doctoral student, Craig Paardekooper–and later confirmed and highlighted by a team of international scientists, researchers, data statisticians, Team Enigma–of the numbers of deaths and adverse effects from the COVID vaccines as recorded at the CDC VAERS database in conjunction with batch numbers associated with the reports has yielded stunning and massively revealing information about the variations in toxicity between the batches.…


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Covid infections and deaths SOAR after the first vaccine dose

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The Covid vaccines look worse and worse. A reader has pointed out an amazing dataset from the province of Alberta, Canada which reports Covid cases, hospitalizations, and deaths by day after the first and second vaccine doses. Infections, hospitalizations, and deaths from Covid all soar in the days and weeks after people receive their first vaccine dose.

Source: Covid infections and deaths SOAR after the first vaccine dose

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Discord strike 2, on to 3

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You like discord, so I’ll introduce you to the fakeologist discord version 3.

Discord is focused on maintaining a safe and secure environment for our community. We’ve found your account to be in violation of our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines. As a result, we’ve disabled your account for the following reason:

Your account posted misleading or harmful misinformation, or was involved in servers dedicated to this content.

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Please send good crisis actors

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The worst part of this atrocity propaganda is the C grade crisis actor.

Too bad they didn’t make up the podcast to listen to this caricature of a pro health dad.…

The cat was clearly fooled.…

Another oldie but goodie

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Working on quaxxine 1.1

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Many people, including me, dislike upgrading software versions.

They’re usually rushed out and not tested thoroughly, and often break something that worked.

Because the majority are on board with endless injections, the vaccinators will need a marketing program.

Why not use the software version system, like their feckless handwaving billionaire backer Gates 2.0?

Here’s the leader of the unfree world introducing the next shot.


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