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Brilliant interview with Patrick and Martin. A must listen. More than just revisionist talk.

98RCB Lady Michèle Renouf talks about the state sponsored persecution of historical revisionists

2022-05-05 by Radio Cui Bono

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Participating in this episode are Patrik, Martin, Danijel, Linda Karlström and our guest Lady Michèle Renouf . If you enjoy and want to support our work you can send a donation to SEB 5708 35 378 01

1)Intro, Douglas Christie Thoughts on the release of Ernst Zundel…

2)In this episode we had the honor to be joined by Lady Michèle Renouf a former beauty queen who followed her conscience and got involved in historical revisionism in the late 1990s and since then has been a strong voice for getting the message out to the public what happens if you question the official narrative in particular historical events. During her time as revisionist she has met and got acquainted with many of the famous names within this scene such as David Irving, Robert Faurisson, Ursula Haverbeck, Horst Mahler, Ernst Zundel, Sylvia Stolz, Monica Schaefer, Alfred Schaefer, Jürgen Graf and many more. During a visit in Dresden, Germany in 2018 she made an unprepared speech of 10 minutes for which she later got prosecuted and risked a 5 year prison sentence for. Fortunately the prosecuting side later dropped the case and Michèle thinks it was because during the trial she would have had several opportunities to speak her mind to a broader public and they didn’t want her to get out with her message on such a big platform. This is just a few of the topics that were covered in this 3 hour long interview.

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Wed Jun 22 2022: FAK558-MrE

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Wed Jun 22 2022: FAK558-MrE…

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At least 1500

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Markus has mentioned that this is hoax code…. what about this “earthquake”?

I am skeptical about fault lines and the earth’s plates – more models and theories that we cannot prove.

I don’t believe in earthquake machines but I do know blasting, drilling, fracking and mining are real and can cause mass damage.

Any wide spread resource harvesting going on this area?

Do they need an urban land clear here (for resources)?

Is this area in the pathway of a Russia China pipeline?…

Looting of resources in Afghanistan

Click to access sr404-industrial-scale-looting-of-afghanistan-s-mineral-resources.pdf

How would we be able to tell the difference between bombings and an earthquake? How do we have any idea what we’re looking at, including when and where?

Has anyone seen a map of where this alleged disaster took place?


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FAK557-Mark Tokarski of

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Here is the drum I mentioned along with some if the text from my Sir Faul piece. This is some of the best “album cluing” imaginable, and remember, it was done in the mid-1960s. I suspect that the person or people who did this let it be “discovered” because they wanted credit. It was so well buried no one would ever find it.…

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Wakefield’s new movie Infertile

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AGAINST THE WIND WITH DR. PAUL-EPISODE 055 – GUESTS: Dr. Andrew Wakefield, MD, Film Director; Dr. Henry Ealy, Founder of, & Executive Community Director for, the Energetic Health Institute

2022-06-20 by Paul Thomas, MD

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LISTEN Share with your Friends & Family Show Notes: In his latest From the Heart segment, Dr. Paul shares about the importance of energy and love as vital tools for health and healing in our personal relationships stemming from his participation in a cranial sacral therapy introductory course at the Washington Massage Therapy Association annual conference. We must allow love and energy to flow to our loved ones!

This week’s show features an interview with award-winning filmmaker and hero in the health freedom movement, Dr. Andy Wakefield. He joins to discuss a critical film he has co-produced called ‘Infertility, A Diabolical Agenda.’ The film documents the devastating results of a World Health Organization-driven population control experiment that has chilling implications for women worldwide. To learn more, visit

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Bribing churches

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There’s so much worthless fiat money being spread around it takes a strong FAITH to resist both money and propaganda.

A senior Canadian Christian pastor alleged that public health officials offered his church $50,000 if they agreed to promote “vaccine confidence” to parishioners. In a video posted online June 12 by Diverge Media, senior pastor Paul Dubois of the Northeast Christian Fellowship in Melfort, Saskatchewan, made the shocking claim to a crowd.

Source: Canadian pastor says health officials offered church $50,000 to push vaccines – LifeSite


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Never forget your oppressors

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One Pearl Harbor event every 20 years. What will 2040 bring?

We, Americans, need to keep a list of all of the various flunkies and functionaries who were part of this. We need to follow them around the bureaucracy, private or public, and warn everyoe about what these people did.

Source: Don’t Forget What They Did To Us – Banned Hipster Racist

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