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Jim John keeps the flim flam going

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“My brother planted this peach orchard and peach trees usually are productive right around 20 years,” said Jim Ogonowski.

His brother died 20 years ago. John Ogonowski was the pilot of American Airlines Flight 11, from Boston to Los Angeles, which was hijacked with 92 souls on board on Sept. 11, 2001.

When you’re a lifetime 9/11 actor it’s for life.

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More Israeli 9/11 misdirection

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We know the whole production is fake and staged, here’s the official story to obscure and diffuse our research.

This is a bad re-write of the 9/11 script.

Major Nir Dinar, a spokesperson for the Israeli Defence Forces said over the weekend: “This is our 9/11. They got us.”

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Real pancaking floors

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Here’s an engineering failure from start to finish.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the collapse was deliberately triggered.

I doubt they used CDI to bring the twin tower cranes down – even that failed.

Fun to watch when contrasted against 9/11 and the WTC.

Support Bright Sun Films, creator of this video.

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