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Simon slays another 911 disinfo agent

Well, dear Jon – since I stand accused by Mr. Conlon to have engaged in “a deliberately deceptive, psyop 9/11 research” [1] – and even to have “definitely manipulated”[2] the infamous ‘NOSE OUT’ shot aired “live” on WNYW FOX5, I should probably spend some time responding to such inane and quite frankly imbecilic accusations. Mind you, it’s certainly not my favourite pastime to do so – but I guess it should be of no surprise that efforts are still being deployed to discredit our longstanding 9/11 research at Cluesforum, now that people seem to be finally waking up to the broader ‘picture’ – and to the sheer scope and extent of image manipulation / TV fakery being sold as “news” to the masses – with the full cooperation of the corporate media.

Psyops: Nobody dies nobody gets hurt … unless wanted

New interesting writer.

It’s really not complicated. Nobody who rejects the narrative that a crazy gunman was responsible for 26 deaths at Sandy Hook including those of 20 young children believes instead that it was the orchestrators of the event who were responsible for the alleged deaths, do they? No, that would be absurd.

Howard Stern and 9/11

Clearly an awful gatekeeper, he was the first to point me to 9/11 via Jesse Ventura.

Then there was Paula Gloria, whose voice double appeared on FAC1378 today.

She was clearly used to mock any 9/11 no planer.
She died in 2021.

Miles Mathis revisits 9/11

Anyway, we will get to the planes, but let’s start at the beginning. Why was any of this done in the first place? You have to understand that to understand any of the facts of that day. It all started with a call from the owners of the building* to someone high up in government. The buildings no longer met fire and environmental codes, due to asbestos being sprayed heavily back in the early 70s, and to update the buildings would cost more than they were worth. Plus, occupancy was down and the buildings were white elephants in other ways. They needed to be demolished, but how do you legally demolish two buildings of that size in lower Manhattan, buildings built to withstand hurricanes? Not only would the costs to do it meeting environmental regulations be enormous, the logistics would be a nightmare. You would have to evacuate all of lower Manhattan, perhaps the whole island, and depending on which way the wind was blowing, you would have to evacuate large parts of Long Island or New Jersey as well.
All life and business in the area would be brought to a standstill for weeks, maybe months.**

The Official Holocaust Narrative itself is anti-Semitic TERRORISM

I think Zundel was trying to say this. Anyone that interviewed Zundel  stayed away from this idea and focused on the two red herring points that got everyone riled up.

The ultimate goal of hate laws is to create and promote a protected class that can implement the international socialist agenda.

Incidentally right after I started highlighting this bitchute channel it has since been deleted completely.

Here’s another good one from Markus.
Hopefully he’ll contact me and get his videos on my platform.