Shareable 9/11 video

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With some of my YouTube video.

H/t Xilefelix

Video: 9/11 Fraud and Terror Agenda

Hey Peter at 26:50 what’s so funny? Bellevue “looney bin” hospital joke saying they’re part of the psyop humor, with a touch of the nose tell/flourish.

Marlena Cruz was in the basement in 1993 WTC bombing – another psyop characteristic.

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FAC556-JLB, Geris, Gaia, NowledgableNormie

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JLB discusses the nuclear and ultrasound hoaxes.

Gaia and Geris chat.

Gaia interviews new voice NowledgableNormie.

Gaia plays some great conspiracy songs from Flat Earth Man.

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Algo schmalgo

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The “algo” is a cover for real people placing propaganda throughout youtube to do the same old thing: spread fear.

How amusing that the famous 9/11 phony spire video, created in Hellywood, is duplicated and then confused in the latest towering inferno, the Notre Dame engineered media event.

The iconic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris caught fire yesterday. The roof was destroyed and the spire fell down. Naturally, there was intense media coverage of the incident given that Notre Dame happens to be one of the most famous landmarks in the world. Plenty of video coverage was available on YouTube where the video streaming service’s fact-checking algorithm erroneously placed a link to the 9/11 attacks under the Notre Dame fire videos.

Source: YouTube’s Algo Placed A 9/11 Attacks Link Under Notre Dame Fire Videos

Crossbow delivery

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Not much to see here, as usual.

Peel Regional Police said Monday that, in November, a 44-year-old woman answered her door to the supposed delivery man who was carrying a large…

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I make another appearance with the boyz.

Hosts: Rollo, Velocet. Panel: exoteric64, noiz_level. Guests: Fakeologist, John Le Bon, originalsimulant.

Source: The F.A.R.T. Podcast

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Is Mr. Chow sniffing something?

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Mrs. Fakeologist says it must be Vaporub – onions make your eyes water more than your nose run as seen here in this extraordinary find by Xileffelix.

Only 400 some views and no comments – where’s the outpouring of HHH emotion for this story? (not that I trust Gootube stats)
Start at 0:46 for the 15 seconds of hand-to-nose action.

Image result for vaporub

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All aboard the Humboldt hockey hoax fraud bus

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Fraud inspires fraud.

Former Humboldt Broncos board members say a fund set up in the days after the fatal bus crash was an attempt by the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League president to go behind their backs and capitalize on the tragedy.

They say they’re talking about this now because they didn’t have the energy to do it at the time, as they were dealing with the fallout.…

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FAC554-Fart24 Afterparty

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Starring Rollo, Ab, Velocet, JLB, Noiz_Level, Yossarian,Originalsimulant

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The 9/11 Trump card pulled again

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Check out @realDonaldTrump’s Tweet:…

If you thought Trump was going to do anything with 9/11 truth during his presidency, then here’s his latest twitterstorm showing he’s keen on exploiting the myth for all its divisive power.

Congresswoman Omar’s original speech:

Who is Ilhan Omar – center of 9/11 Trumpstorm?

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Black hole hoax

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If science in the media has been replaced by science fiction, what crazy stories are being promoted today under science fiction?If anyone believes any part of this story, including this actor promoting girl power, then I’ve got a bridge in Brooklin to sell you.NASA wasn’t mentioned in this story, except to remind us that a woman wrote the code to put a man on the moon. The all inclusive narrative is once again preposterous.

Katie Bouman led development of a computer program that made the breakthrough image possible.

The remarkable photo, showing a halo of dust and gas 500 million trillion km from Earth, was released on Wednesday.…

GameTimeWoo video:…

Jungle is still out there

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Moon hoax turning 50

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Gaia and I, and hopefully others, wish to create a competing fakeopedia page helping lay out the case for the Moon landing hoax that will be promoted on Wikipedia in the weeks ahead.

To help edit the entry, please email me and I’ll set up a userid on fakeopedia.

Let’s all do our part to counter the Nutwork, as Simon says!

Dear all, As we reach the 50th anniversary of the Great Moon Landing Hoax, we should expect copious amounts of silliness oozing into our TV sets and computer screens – courtesy of the media outlets owned by what I like to call the “Nutwork” (i.e. the international network of nutty psychopaths that hope to keep ruling this world – using the “art” of deception). And in fact, today I just bumped into this cringefully silly story : Israeli Beresheet Spacecraft to Attempt Historic Moon Landing Today

Source: View topic – The MOON HOAX •…Image

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