Fake footage that changed the world

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The major events of our time are defined by what we saw on TV – the greatest hypnotic propaganda device ever invented.

Fakeologist contends that ALL the iconic video of our time is FABRICATED – created in a Hollywool studio to deceive the public and sear into the memory of the collective subconscious so deeply that it is unchangeable and unforgettable.

-Zapruder Film

– Hezarkhani Shot

– Apollo 11 landing

Nuke (Tsar) Bomb

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3 thoughts on “Fake footage that changed the world

  1. lazylauren

    A few years ago I was watching raw news footage of September 11 obtained from NIST. It’s unedited and often telling. I noticed something that looked like a paper cut out slowly falling the way paper falls from high up, the cut out was shaped like a life size human. I was wondering if there is a way that they could make that appear to be a real human by speeding up the video and blurring it slightly. I don’t know anything about photo shop or film editing but I imagine that could be done. I will try to find that video on line.

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