Fake footage that changed the world

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The major events of our time are defined by what we saw on TV – the greatest hypnotic propaganda device ever invented.

Fakeologist contends that ALL the iconic video of our time is FABRICATED – created in a Hollywool studio to deceive the public and sear into the memory of the collective subconscious so deeply that it is unchangeable and unforgettable.

-Zapruder Film

9/11 – Hezarkhani Shot

Moon Hoax – Apollo 11 landing

Nuke (Tsar) Bomb

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5 thoughts on “Fake footage that changed the world

  1. Petra Liverani

    OK, so I’m on board with just about every claim of faked event imaginable and I’ve certainly picked a few up myself without prompting from others but there are two things I believe to be true:

    — man-made climate change (although since I’ve realised what a fraud the supposed science for COVID, AIDS, etc is am open to revisiting)

    — the Apollo moon landings (while I recognise the Challenger disaster is probably the most in-your-face psyop of all time and that obviously NASA lies)

    The Apollo moon landings
    To me everything we’re shown perfectly fits expectations according to the very different conditions lunar conditions, namely:
    — no air pressure
    — low gravity
    — brightly-lit lunar surface during lunar dawn against a black sky

    And the evidence fits in a way you really wouldn’t expect from fakery in my opinion. For example, there are only the slightest traces of lunar dust seen in the wrinkles of the mylar covering the landing pads of the lunar module that can only be seen by zooming in to high res photos. Surely, if you’re going to fake dust on the landing pads you wouldn’t do it in such a discreet manner. Similarly, there is the faintest of blast craters, that is we can see a radial exhaust pattern but virtually no crater. Surely, if you’re going to fake a blast crater you wouldn’t just fake a radial exhaust pattern.

    If this is fakery then it’s absolutely nothing like the fakery of every other psyop known to man. I believe the psyop MO is extremely strict and someone would have to do a lot of convincing of me to persuade me that they decided to change the fakery MO JUST for Apollo.

    To me, what we see are things that you simply couldn’t anticipate if you were faking the moon landings. What we see is obviously correct in “hindsight” but I don’t think could have been predicted with “foresight”.

    Another thing that stands out is the knowledgeability of those responding to the moon hoax claims. Their debunking seems perfectly legitimate while I recognise everywhere else: 9/11, COVID, Sandy Hook, etc all the debunking is complete bunkum. For example, I think this person does a great job of debunking Massimo Mazzucco’s, American Moon.

    I suspected that Bill Kaysing, the first person to come out and say the moon landings didn’t happen, may have been a CIA plant, whose purpose was to get people who tend to disbelieve the government by default to not believe in the moon landings so that when real crimes happened such as 9/11, they would be laughed at as “conspiracy theorists”. Check out his Wikipedia page and check out his nephew, Dietrich von Schmausen – doesn’t that name have intelligence agency having a laugh all over it?

  2. lazylauren

    A few years ago I was watching raw news footage of September 11 obtained from NIST. It’s unedited and often telling. I noticed something that looked like a paper cut out slowly falling the way paper falls from high up, the cut out was shaped like a life size human. I was wondering if there is a way that they could make that appear to be a real human by speeding up the video and blurring it slightly. I don’t know anything about photo shop or film editing but I imagine that could be done. I will try to find that video on line.

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