9/11 Psyop bullet points

I am developing this “sticky” as my official stance on the , and the points I agree with. This page is an ongoing work in progress and will be used as a template for the openings of my shows to keep the broadcasts (and me) on message.

I've also been working on the September Clues Tour Guide, complete with a few vids, to really give a quick overview on what you saw on 9/11/2001.

Overall operation:

  • is the main concept to be understood
  • 9/11 was a psyop (psychological operation) – a military operation of deception and denial. This operation was a total, complete event conceived years in advance and designed to be managed over generations
  • to reinforce the hoax, official Hollywood movies are released quickly (after all, the script had been long pre-written) In this case, 9/11Flight 93 (TV 2006) 
  • “drills” are used to create a “plausible deniability” explanation for why emergency workers are in place
  • in order to fund the operation and fleece the public, foundations and compensation funds are setup in the names of victims, and to help pay for the ongoing operation
  • chances are there were no real victims. VicSims are created using photoshop and other digital technologies, and actors and actresses are used as family members. They are probably retained by salary or pension or annuity to keep quiet.
  • psyOps are most likely done legally. People probably don't die (at least as we're told), which makes it easier to get participants to agree

WTC event:

  • towers may have been made to be destroyed
  • towers may never have been internally completed
  • towers may never have been fully occupied
  • 1993 bombing was a fake event to clear any remaining tenants
    (and introduce Osama sim Laden
  • towers were empty soon after 1993 and the next 8 years were used to slowly remove all internal structure
  • Lower Manhattan was evacuated early on 9/11/2001 – around 50 “drills” were used as the excuse


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20 thoughts on “9/11 Psyop bullet points

  1. Anonymous

    I don’t wanna go after you before I understand whats going on and to be honest the website is a little confusing.
    Do you believe the victims were fake and or the towers were empty?

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  4. Avatar photoMaxRatt

    Your contention that “chances are there were no real victims” and implication that the towers were empty the day of 9/11 is absurd and, in my opinion, discredits your entire operation. I’ve done many many shows on media fakery and in most (if not ALL) other instances I would AGREE with you that NOBODY died or was shot. Gabby Gifford in Arizona, The Batman shootings in Aurora, Co., The shootings and bombing in Norway, The Sikh Temple Shootings, Sandy Hook, and even Columbine in my opinion after quite a bit of research I also have concluded that these events were ALL fabricated Psyops using “crisis actors” and complicit LIARS in Government and Media. (Check out my shows about these events at MaxRatt.com ). However, I live in downtown New York City and I have FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE of the Towers having been OCCUPIED on that tragic day and I also have FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE of friends and acquaintances who died IN THE TOWERS, as well as, knowing family of friends who lost their loved ones IN THE TOWERS that day. I also have PERSONAL FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE from a childhood friend who fortunately escaped down the stairs running down from the 80th floor. Why you seemingly INSIST that nobody died on 9/11 is very Troubling to me.

    1. Fakeologist Post author

      Hey Max welcome to the site. Check out all my shows here as well before you make a judgement of my views. Please address some of the emails I sent to you regarding your friends that died in the towers. Please point to their profiles on voicesof911.org and explain to me the paucity of information and sympathy on their guest book sites. Please examine the vicsim report and dispute all the amazing points there that helped form my opinion.

    2. codename321

      If the building was empty days or weeks before 9/11, that would explain how they were able to rig it up for demolition without anybody noticing.

      1. sandyhoaxtard

        I know the twin towers were open & occupied prior to 9/11 because I, after visiting NYC many times over the years, for the first time ever I went on the WTC tour on 9/6. Luckily I was home by the 11th & stared in disbelief as I saw the destruction on TV news. It was that event that woke me up to the fact that things are definitely not as presented.

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  6. Avatar photosimonshack

    That’s a jolly neat and concise little summary. Well done, Ab – simplicity rocks !

    Happy New Year to everyone 🙂

  7. Unreal

    Overall operation:
    -maybe also evaluate the possibility that the financial operation was also prepared ?*
    the ensuing war and law propositions seemed prepared too.
    and maybe a studio set up somewhere for the pictures in the press with actors, firemen, dust etc.


    *the money aspect had me convinced of fakery & fraud

    1. banazir2980

      Man do I miss photo galleries where all the pictures are on one page. It takes forever to go through these now.


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