What is a psyop?

A psychological operation is a military term describing a large scale operation to shape the hearts and minds of the people.

Its central, main operation is a carefully orchestrated hoax propagated by the medIa.

The military or other regimented organization does not announce hoaxes. Instead, they often (but not always) create drills. This allows them to stage all the necessary players to simulate a real event.

Other characteristics of a hoax:

-massive media propagation. All aspects of social media and old style MSM media are used to promote emotional stories designed to evoke emotion to override reason and logic.
-a hero.  Someone goes above and beyond acting as a saviour to…
-a victim. There’s often a fantastic dramatic story of a dead or injured individual, who if survived,  results in…
-a fundraising campaign . A grassroots (or astroturfed) campaign to raise money for victims (vicsims) or a greater cause.

-a movie. Since the psyOp is already a carefully written script to appear real, the movie is already written. Simply substitute better known actors to gain more attention, and you have a blockbuster movie or any other well polished ready made piece of culture creation.

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