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  • From napoleon wilson on Parody or not?

    Remember also the public when asked if sending an innocent man to jail iwith nine other guilty men of a terrible crime, the answer changes when you tell them they’re the innocent one,

    So what will be the ozmacare equivalent of the fire of London, seeing as we’re in a scripted narrative and it’s playing out as we watch , new york?

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    2021/08/04 at 6:55 am
  • From dirtybenny on Airlines are corporate policy enforcers

    The idea that international corporations including airlines are privately owned and run is comical. The lockstep response to CV-AI reveals the international government/corporate power structure of Empire for what it is.

    Walmart, FedEx, UPS, Amazon, Uber, Whole Foods, CNN, FoxNews, New York Times, MIT, Johns Hopkins University, CVS, Walgreens, Trader Joe’s, Starbucks, KFC, McDonald’s, and airlines are nodes and tools of Empire. The facade of private ownership for these corporations echoes the Gate/Microsoft, Jobs/Apple, Zuckerberg/Facebook, Musk/Tesla techniques of draping a false narrative over the aggressive machinations of Empire. This is also what the predator has done with ancient architecture, 0;natural1; disasters, physical illness, 9-11, space, the story of wars, and “history” itself. Constructing unbelievable false narratives to “explain” all that can be seen in plain sight.

    This shrouds the identity behind the curtain and undermines the suspicion of motive for corporate/government action. They just want to make money, right? That is the motive…… of those that print, control and distribute the money.

    This is why these “private” corporations are giving away money, beer, donuts, ice cream, transport tickets, tickets, strip club tickets, etc to men, women, and children to take a poison into their body. The hive always relentlessly pursues its goal. It also deceives by re-enforcing the false notion that if one works hard and has ingenuity, one could become “successful” and own a wealthy company. And if Johnny or Erica works really hard, they could grow up to be the President of the United States. Typical of Empire to encourage children to pursue materialism and governmental power, misdirecting and shrouding them from their true power.

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    2021/08/04 at 9:46 am
    • From YouCanCallMeAl on Airlines are corporate policy enforcers

      Another word for this is fascism. When there is no rule of law, but corporate policy dictates our action anyway, with no response from government – its obvious.

      This is the direction of travel – no law, but lots of policy. Say what you like, but you will be deplatformed if you express ‘hate speech’. And what it hate speech? The policeman inside your head will tell you.

      The best description is communitarianism – global tyranny applied locally. No legal basis is required, the rule of law is written out of the script. Its about feelings, being nice to others, and they’ve been told what ‘nice’ is – and you’re not it!

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      2021/08/04 at 12:09 pm
  • From xileffilex on FAK350-Fakeologist solo!

    This talk made me think back to the very beginning of the Covids scam, and the prophetic article in MIT Technology review, dated March 17 2020, less than a week after the 0;characterised pandemic” was declared, written by Gideon Lichfield, which emerged immediately after the Imperial College mass fatality modelling steering piece and even quoted it. It’s worth re-reading now.…

    We’re not going back to normal
    Social distancing is here to stay for much more than a few weeks. It will upend our way of life, in some ways forever

    ….what most of us have probably not yet realized—yet will soon—is that things won’t go back to normal after a few weeks, or even a few months. Some things never will….Where nightclubs ask for proof of age, in future they might ask for proof of immunity—an identity card or some kind of digital verification via your phone, showing you’ve already recovered from or been vaccinated against the latest virus strains.

    This article alone is enough to prove that the “pandemic” was manufactured from the get go.

    Lichfield has now moved onto Wired this year.
    he ascribes the popularity of that that most quoted of MIT TR articles:

    by lucky timing I had put words to the dread that people were just beginning to feel.

    Er, no, he was telling us what was going to happen, and he was bang on the money there.

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    2021/08/04 at 1:58 pm
  • From brontasaurus on Mercola retreating

    That’s a strange article…..Mercola is a virus guy anyway……no time for that

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    2021/08/04 at 2:02 pm
  • From xileffilex on I wish I was vaccinated

    It didn’t make the BBC, buuuuut, it’s an obvious ‘witness protection program1; death to promote the covidian narrative. [formerly known as crisis acting] No mention of any “partner” which is interesting, despite being described as a father.

    Interesting character, our Mr Eyers, who really does check out.
    His firm, Wonderleaf, wound up in June 2021, nature of the business – importing CBD from USA……
    His business partner, who gives the same address as Eyers, and who hasn’t commented, is the son of a well known Liverpool professional footballer.…

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    2021/08/04 at 7:13 pm
  • From ab on 9/11 movie interview

    I think is solved… By years ago. Perhaps repeating this a few times in your future interviews will help.

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    2015/08/20 at 10:14 pm
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