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Cooling the mark out

Awesome term I’ll try and remember how to use it from now on.

The entire “Fauci grilling” is a classic psychological manipulation known as “cooling the mark out”
Fauci is not going to jail, and he does not have to return any of the money
We are the mark, and they are “cooling the mark out”
?GOFFMAN E. On cooling the mark out; some aspects of adaptation to failure. Psychiatry. 1952 Nov;15(4):451-63. doi: 10.1080/00332747.1952.11022896. PMID: 13014214.…

Jason confronts the Trump trial burning man photographer · Fakeotube

I enjoy Jason’s on the street confrontations. While he isn’t a fakeologist he does seem to get close to the truth, such as his challenging the tricksters that create the street illusions.

Miles Mathis on the fake burning man show

And why fake this? To blackwash conspiracy theorists and truthers in general, by making them look
crazy, unstable, violent, and suicidal. He is a classic Anti, telling a lot of truth and then doing
something insane to get you off that truth. I taught you about the Anti first regarding Ezra Pound, in
my long paper on Hemingway, “The Lost Century”. Pound told a lot of truth about Jews and bankers,
then was judged insane and sent to an asylum. So the intended message was obvious: anyone talking
about Jews or bankers is insane. But since Pound was Jewish from a family of bankers, that story sort
of fell apart. Or should have. It has now.

Mathis/Seinfeld: Everything is fake

Miles breaks down the fake college protests – including the idea the Soros/Schwartz is a CIA front as well.

[Added April 26: The CIA is now admitting the protests are manufactured, though they are blaming
Soros for it. CIA is claiming Soros is paying full-time “fellows” of his Institute to lead these fake
protests. Kinda of strange, isn’t it, since Soros is a Jew himself, real name Schwartz. Why would he be
funding anti-Israel protests? If you don’t already know, keep reading.]
This is so obvious. Why do you think most of them are in masks? To hide the fact that they are
outside provocateurs over 25. Not students. The mainstream is even admitting that, conceding that
although Harvard Yard and other quads were restricted to students-only, they have allegedly been
powerless to keep out “invaders storming the campus”. Really? The only people they are powerless to
keep out are CIA, since CIA has a free pass everywhere. They and their college theatrical performers
outrank all campus police, city police, and state troopers.

Baltimore Key Bridge – it was choking the channel

Realize the Key Bridge pillars were already at the edge of the dredged channel, so the channel could not be widened, the bridge could not be raised, despite all the big plans announced by former Governor Hogan — Key Bridge was an insurmountable chokepoint. Imagine Gov Hogan or Gov Wes Moore announcing, “Hey, so we need to replace the key bridge” – what a laughable political impossibility that would be.  Now, reality is inverted.


Miles dismisses Agent131711

Miles noticed a new psyop writer on substack, and quickly dismisses his work.

I got into it sideways, when a reader wrote in today asking me to comment on Agent131711’s substack
article of today on the dinosaur hoax. I don’t wish to comment on it, since I said all I wanted to
recently on that subject (in the Darwin series), though I will say more on my own time and terms. My
reply to my reader was that we seem to have all we need in the byline: Agent tells us he is an agent, so
why not take him at his word? Do you want to get your analysis from an admitted agent? I don’t.

Click to access thurst.pdf

One Nation Under Psyops

Psyops, once a tool reserved for the battlefields, a means to sow terror and confusion among enemy ranks through blood-curdling deceptions like those employed by the infamous Edward Lansdale, soon found its way into the halls of power. The Reagan administration, with its boundless ambition and utter disregard for ethical constraints, realized the potential of these tactics in peacetime, setting its sights on the ultimate target: the American populace itself.