PG9-Exploring vicsims

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The lousy looking props they used for the moon landing hoax were good enough for black and white, low resolution, snowy, rolling scan line tv’s that dominated the American landscape of the day.

They even took the colored Star Trek show off the air during the broadcast year of Apollo.

Any space prop today would be impossible to show with an hd tv in every home and a video editing suite on every computer.

Space science fakery

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Fake items in this story:

  1. No one travels to space, including these two
  2. There is probably only one “twin”
  3. There is no evidence that DNA or RNA exists, and no evidence in this story that there was a study or any scientists
  4. Hoax code 93% of his “DNA” didn’t “change”

NASA-guardians of space and psience fakery.

Astronaut Scott Kelly had an identical twin brother when he ventured into space and set the record for most consecutive days spent in orbit, but not anymore.

Source: Astronaut’s DNA no longer matches his identical twin | New York Post

Does this video convince you that these are two different human beans?

semi-simStern on Kimmel

Memories of Humble and Fred

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A whole podcast and about 13 reference clips after… Review and enjoy coming up to the one year anniversary of my appearance. I’m setting up another interview with @HumbleFredRadio so tweet them if you want a redo.

Search here for the posts, then click each entry for the audio

FAC442a-Rollo and Golden Tonsils

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Lovely back and forth with our man Rollo – who does have his own Radio Show – Radio Rollo!



Just for laughs here I am with 1300 564652 John Laws ——->
way back in 2007…… Love ya Lawsie xxx and you “Uncle” Doug and you Andrew Denton……cheers Rollo

FAK185-Fakeologist 55

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When? Wed, March 14, 2018 @2016h EDT

Who? Ab, Faye

Listen live at Fakeologist Radio 2

Bonus at end of audio.


3.14 Hawking his last story

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What the hoax character is really about.

but for some readers the subtext of A Brief History of Timewas a human interest story about a genius who overcame his disability. Multiple reviews from the time touch on this. Hawking said in the Journal that it probably helped sales, but he signaled he was uneasy with such a reading.

Hawking and others have long joked that many people purchased his book because it made them look smart but never bothered to read it. “He agreed that the book, Brief History of Time, was probably the least-read, most-bought book ever,”