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===Filmmakers on 9/11===
===Filmmakers on 9/11===
(Page under construction - Working Notes,m.)
JULES NAUDET'S FIRST PLANE SHOT WAS STAGED http://www.frankresearch.info/Naudet911/JULES%20NAUDET%202.htm#The_Flight_11_shot_in_39_cuts
===Conclusions of September Clues===
===Conclusions of September Clues===
===Modus operandi of Simulated Events===
===Modus operandi of Simulated Events===

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Vicsim Report 9/11
Type 1 War Preparation
Type 2 Simulated Terror Attack
Category Technology
Year 2009
Authors Hoi Polloi, Clues Forum and Simon Shack
9/11 vicsims
Cluesforum [CF 1]
Fakeologist [Ab 1]

The Vicsim Report is an in depth research about the vicsims of 9/11 compiled by Hoi Polloi. Simon Shack, producer of September Clues describes it as follows: "The 80-page Vicsim Report was put together by Hoi Polloi (assisted by yours truly) during Hoi's six-month-long stay in my home back in 2009. It represents the seminal groundwork for what has developed over the years into an extensive collective investigation - enriched and refined by the fine efforts of all our dedicated forum members. Throughout these last three years of unrelenting 'vicsim' research, we have collected a vast body of converging findings which, taken together, strongly suggest that our tentative, initial postulation - i.e. that no one perished on 9/11 - was correct. To this day, we have not encountered any substantial, compelling or - much less - official refutation of our working thesis - nor have we ever been formally confronted by any verifiably legit family member of the alleged "3000" 9/11 victims."

State of Things before the Vicsim Research

Research and Findings of September Clues

The Live-Broadcasts on 9/11

Live Media Correspondents on 9/11

Witness-Actors on 9/11

Photographers on 9/11

(Page under construction - Working Notes,m.)
Source: http://www.septemberclues.info/faq_2.shtml

ALLEGED AUTHORS OF 9/11 “AMATEUR” SHOTS (on public record):

DEVIN CLARK computer graphics animator. Clients: Comedy Central, MTV, TCM and HBO.

EVAN FAIRBANKS On 9/11, worked for KSK VIDEO STUDIOS, New York City: “Creative programming solutions for television, interactive and multimedia.” Photographer with world renowned Magnum agency.

LUC COURCHESNE 3D visual arts expert. Inventor of “Panoscope360”, a sophisticated 3-D installation which simulates “alternative life experiences”.

SCOTT MYERS ABC TV video technician. 3-D motion expert and software designer. Clients: ABC and US NAVY.

CLIFTON CLOUD Events manager at Scharff Weisberg, Inc., a NYC-based video production company, whose slogan reads: “Whether you're looking to dazzle the ears, mind or eyes, we've got the latest equipment and the expertise to make it work for you.”

JENNIFER SPELL Director/founder with “SPELLBOUND” pictures. Independent television producer.

NAUDET BROTHERS JULES AND GEDEON Emmy award-winning filmmakers. Caught 1st and 2nd ‘airplanes’ and 'WTC7 ‘collapse’ on film.

NAKA NATHANIEL Multimedia journalist at New York Times. Specializes in ‘desktop virtual news.’ Embedded with US military in war zones.

KELLY GUENTHER Pulitzer Prize winning photo-journalist whose work has appeared in The New York Times, Time, Newsweek.

GULNARA SAMOILOVA Worked for 9 years as ‘photo retoucher’ (in her own words) for the Associated Press. Award winning 9/11 photographer.

THOMAS NILSSON Swedish photojournalist in New York City. Works for Norwegian populistic tabloid VG.

ROBERT CLARK National Geographic photographer based in New York City. Works with the world's leading magazines including Time, Sports Illustrated, French Geo, Vanity Fair, Stern, Der Spiegel.

MOSHE BURSUKER BFA degree in sculpture and photography from the Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford.

SEAN ADAIR Founder of ADAIR film & Video productions. Consultant in digital media and visual effects.

ROB HOWARD Professional award-winning photographer.

KATHY CACICEDO Professional photographer.

DAVID HANDSCHUH Photojournalist for New York Daily News. Took picture of South Tower exploding right underneath it. No plane is seen in picture. He says he did not see any plane.

Filmmakers on 9/11

(Page under construction - Working Notes,m.) JULES NAUDET'S FIRST PLANE SHOT WAS STAGED http://www.frankresearch.info/Naudet911/JULES%20NAUDET%202.htm#The_Flight_11_shot_in_39_cuts

Conclusions of September Clues

Modus operandi of Simulated Events

The Possibility That Nobody Died on 9/11

Simulated events and Simulated Losses

The Fictional Missing Flyers

The Missing Real Data

Fakeologist Radio: Discussion: SSDI Missing Records https://archive.org/details/Fakeologist_radio_20150130_2124/ep37-Hoaxbusters'+Chris+Kendall.mp3#

The Missing Mourners

The Missing Firms

The Vicsim Research

Initial State of Things

The Wall of Tears of Simulated Terror is Real

Data Collection and Analysis

Findings and Publication


Critisism Under Shock

Managed Criticism and Reinforcement of the Script

Sleeper Shills and Sleeper Vicsims

The Unlimited Creativity of The Simulation Industry

See also

References Cluesforum

  1. [1]Cluesforum Vicsim Report


  1. [2]September Clues Tour Guide

Other The 911 Media Hoax http://www.bigeye.com/911.htm#sthash.7DHFEMcG.dpbs