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Owner Fakeologist
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Start 2012
Link Fakeologist.com

Welcome to Fakeologist.com![ab 1]

The internet is not easy to navigate. There is so much information, spread across a seemingly disorganized and chaotic 2D plane. Getting around it involves typing in urls, bookmarking, searching and random stops. In such a vast environment, it’s no wonder certain sites have made themselves so attractive, so that once people discover them (like Facebook and YouTube), users often never leave these well developed plantations for the wilds of other sites. Therefore, it’s a welcome accident that you’ve landed here!

The purpose of my site is to share with you my new view of the world. I have always been a media hound, consuming all types of media from my location here in Canada. In April 2012, everything changed. I began re-examining 9/11, and ended up deep down a rabbit hole that I did not know existed. That rabbit hole could be called media fakery — where our world is tightly controlled by a very deliberate and deceptive media. It’s a media that does not work for us, but for a small few that control almost all aspects of our daily lives. It’s the most hidden version of 1984 that you didn’t think was possible in a “free” country in the West.

It was so deep and vast that I haven’t been able to leave. Friends and family are still looking down, calling out for me. While down here, I’ve met many other travelers, who have since become sympathetic acquaintances. There have been many traps and dead ends, but I am still looking around and learning new passages every day.

Since starting this personal diary, the site has turned into a bit of a community. We have a chat, a weeklyradio session, and a forum where similar views are expressed.

It has become a bit of a refuge and haven for many like-minded people, who are also recovering from the shock of their new way of looking at this world with a critical eye toward their, not our, media.

Enjoy the ride!


How to get to Fakeologist.com

Without knowing (about) the words "Fakeology", "Fakeologist", "Fakeologist.com" or "Fakeopedia" it is not so easy to get to the blog. However, two independent Fakeologists have reached the blog via two ways on Pirate Bay:

Pirate Bay

1st method

  1. Open Piratebay.org
  2. Search: "NASA Mars"
  3. First result, click user name roflcopter2110
  4. Scroll to page 3 or sort on seeders and find "Fakeologist.com" in the name of videos "Fakeologist Radio Episode 217 - Interview on The Realist Report" and "Fakeologist Radio Episode 218 - Brian Staveley Dose of Reality"

2nd method

  • First heard from Legende @ FAC 610 - Sep 13, 2019[2]
  1. Open Piratebay.org
  2. Search: "how the 9-11"
  3. Second or third result, watch "How the 9/11 WTC Magic Trick was Pulled off"by user roflcopter2110
  4. Hear Ab the Fakeologist speak in the 9/11 Fraud video

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  2. FAC610 & FRAC91119 - FAC 610, first 2+ hours