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Psyop of the day
Wannsee Conference
Type 1 Holocaust Story
Type 2 NaZionism
Year 1942
Date 01/20
Place Berlin, Nazi Germany
Notes On This Day
Yesterday Tomorrow
Escape of El Chapo (2001) Death of
Vladimir Lenin

Welcome to Fakeopedia!

This site is a collaborative ongoing work in progress. We want to collect a useful body of knowledge and resources about media fakery and science fakery as they are used to conduct psyops. Our work is inspired by Fakeologist, September Clues, Hoaxbusters, Clues Forum, Clues Chronicle and many others.

This site is a members only wiki - if you're interested in contributing, please go to the Fakeologist Audiochat server and leave a message in the #fakeopedia text channel. You may also send an email to Fakeologist asking for access.

Starting a new article about a subject is really easy, see this template page.


  1. NaZionism - a deep dive into the ties between Nazism and Zionism
  2. Holocaust Story - compiling research on this big controversial topic
  3. Elite Gender Inversion (EGI) - EGI
  4. Ball Earth Skeptic - Ball Earth Skeptic
  5. Nuke Hoax - under construction
  6. NASA Fakery - under construction
  7. List of research websites

  1. TWA Flight 355 - good analysis by Notsofreemason
  2. Las Vegas shooting - starting this major psyop
  3. LaMia Flight 2933 - complete psyop described with smoking gun and photo & video analysis
  4. Deepwater Horizon oil spill

  • Psyop 9/11 - Collection, research, evaluation - in progress
  1. 9/11 The Grand Deception
  2. 9/11 Vicsim Report
  3. 9/11 Hoax management (Research)
  4. 9/11 Narrative management (Research)
  5. 9/11 Witness research (Project)

  1. Fakeologist
  2. Prescriptive Programming
  3. Bizarre Billionaire Story
  4. Zal Rule

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