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Pulse Nightclub shooting
Stonewall Inn 10 pride weekend 2016
Obama receives an update on Orlando shooting
Years 2016
Dates 06/12
Places Orlando

United States
North America

9/11 Main page

9/11 Vicsim Report
9/11 Flight Envelopes
9/11 Witness research
9/11 Narrative Analysis
9/11 Controlled opposition
9/11 WTC Firms

Main List of psyOps
Sublist Space fakery
Sublist Nuke Hoax
Sublist Plane crashes
Sublist Death of Celebrity Person
Sublist Various events
Research field: Elite Gender Inversion
Elite Gender Inversion
Research field: Ball Earth Skeptic
Ball Earth Skeptic
Revised geo-heliocentric model by Simon Shack
TYCHOS glossary
Fakeology Glossary
List of research websites

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