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Vicsim Report 9/11
Type 1 War Preparation
Type 2 Simulated Terror Attack
Category 9/11
Year 2009
Authors Hoi.Polloi, Clues Forum and Simon Shack
9/11 vicsims
Cluesforum [CF 1]
Fakeologist [ab 1]

The Vicsim Report is an in depth research about the vicsims of 9/11 compiled by Hoi.Polloi. Simon Shack, producer of September Clues describes it as follows: The 80-page Vicsim Report was put together by Hoi Polloi (assisted by yours truly) during Hoi's six-month-long stay in my home back in 2009. It represents the seminal groundwork for what has developed over the years into an extensive collective investigation - enriched and refined by the fine efforts of all our dedicated forum members. Throughout these last three years of unrelenting 'vicsim' research, we have collected a vast body of converging findings which, taken together, strongly suggest that our tentative, initial postulation - i.e. that no one perished on 9/11 - was correct. To this day, we have not encountered any substantial, compelling or - much less - official refutation of our working thesis - nor have we ever been formally confronted by any verifiably legit family member of the alleged "3000" 9/11 victims.

September Clues Findings 9/11

  • Media fakery is the main concept to be understood
  • 9/11 was a psyop (psychological operation) – a military operation of deception and denial. This operation was a total, complete event conceived years in advance and designed to be managed over generations
  • To reinforce the hoax, official Hollywood movies are released quickly (after all, the script had been long pre-written). In this case, 9/11, Flight 93 (TV 2006). (See also: Narrative management)
  • Drills are used to create a “plausible deniability” explanation for why emergency workers are in place
  • In order to fund the operation and fleece the public, foundations and compensation funds are setup in the names of victims, and to help pay for the ongoing operation
  • Chances are there were no real victims. VicSims are created using photoshop and other digital technologies, and actors and actresses are used as family members. They are probably retained by salary or pension or annuity to keep quiet.
  • PsyOps are most likely done legally. People probably don’t die (at least as we’re told), which makes it easier to get participants to agree
  • WTC event:
  • Towers may have been made to be destroyed
  • Towers may never have been internally completed
  • Towers may never have been fully occupied
  • 1993 bombing was a fake event to clear any remaining tenants (and introduce Osama sim Laden)
  • Towers were empty soon after 1993 and the next 8 years were used to slowly remove all internal structure
  • Lower Manhattan was evacuated early on 9/11/2001 – around 50 “drills” were used as the excuse

(See also: Fakeologist: 911 psyop bullet points)

Fictional "Missing Flyers"

  • Quote: nonhocapito on December 24th, 2011, 3:00 am
   lux wrote:
   They are just sad and emotion-evoking and that is the real purpose of them.

True but with 9/11 it was certainly more than that, as the missing walls were meant to support right away the idea of the mass of people dead because of the attacks. The missing fliers appear to have been an integral part of the simulated victims scenario. Before the digital reality of the vicsims, and before the actors/family victims, this was probably the first appearance of the vicsims into reality.

This, assuming these fliers were really posted around the city, and the pictures themselves of the missing walls aren't faked. But I guess it makes sense that the plan included posting some fliers in reality, to support the illusion of the large numbers -- too bad given the hollywood mentality behind 9/11, everything was exaggerated for dramatic effect, and we are left with nonsensical images of these walls covered with fliers up to the brims, which, as brilliantly explained by Simon and others on this thread, makes absolutely no sense.

And I insist on the height up to which the fliers were allegedly posted. Imagine the scene for a second: a victim's relative coming all the way from Hoboken with a ladder to post a flier so high up that nobody could read it. Good one.

Missing Real Data

Fakeologist Radio: Discussion: SSDI Missing Records https://archive.org/details/Fakeologist_radio_20150130_2124/ep37-Hoaxbusters'+Chris+Kendall.mp3#

Missing Mourners

Missing Firms

The Vicsim Research

How the Research Began and the Key Finding of the Vicsim Research

In 2008, Simon, BrianV, hoi.polloi and D.Duck were members of a 9/11 research forum at 911movement.org (defunct) moderated by Slick, Killtown and possibly other admins. BrianV proposed that the companies in the World Trade Center should be investigated to see which may be real or not. hoi.polloi began alphabetically looking at the entire list of official 9/11 victims said to be in the towers, starting with 'A'. The pictures, to his determination, looked very suspicious and showed signs of doctoring, where pictures of victims existed at all. In addition, a comparison of different lists of corporations allegedly in the World Trade Center showed contradictions around at least one company.

In early 2009, hoi.polloi traveled to Simon's house to meet Simon for the first time. They got along well and Simon invited Hoi to stay with him and help him conclude his 9/11 research. When hoi.polloi joined Simon in the summer of 2009, they began concentrating on collecting an archive of CNN,[MSM 1] to see if any patterns developed or revealed themselves about the suspiciously doctored-looking pictures of supposed victims of 9/11.

As they uncovered and documented strange anomalies in the alleged "photographs", hoi.polloi realized that the victims at the CNN site were assigned 4-digit numbers for HTML (web site) files. He started an OpenOffice Calc document to put all the victims, along with any pictures of the victims that could be found on the web, in numerical order based on this 4-digit naming convention. This document would eventually be the seed for the "vicsim research", when it became evident that the victims showed extreme similarities and coincidences when arranged in this numerical order. Owing also to the simulation-like (or Sims-like) characters said to be "victims of terrorism", hoi.polloi coined the term "vicsim".

The existence of a set of wholly fabricated victims was the key implication that the naming convention had preserved, for an unknown reason, in some "original order". This implies the victims had been doctored in some kind of processing system. Simon and hoi.polloi would later propose that this is because the numbering system is a remnant of a structured, and very weakly masked, assembly line process used to generate fake victims as a "Wall of Tears" for use in the 9/11 psychological operation.

Data Collection and Analysis

The data and personal comments hoi.polloi made as he collected the CNN memorial can be found at CluesForum in the topic: "Original notes for the Vicsim Report" http://cluesforum.info/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=1688

The open source document used as the main companion reference for the Vicsim Report (along with the CNN and New York Times memorial sites) can be downloaded from www.septemberclues.info here: http://www.septemberclues.info/vicsims/CNN%20Vicsim%20v1.5%20Open.ods

Findings and Publication, and the Development of 'The Reality Shack'

When the final report was made, it was called 9|11|9 : The Vicsim Report. It was posted at forum.911movement.org on the anniversary of 9/11. Within days, 911movement.org was pulled. This appears to be merely a coincidence of bad timing rather than a deliberate effort to suppress the research. The moderator, Killtown, related to hoi.polloi that Slick's wife had threatened Slick with repercussions if he didn't stop his 9/11 research, and as a result, Slick panicked and pulled the entire site down. This is a likely explanation, due to 9/11 subjects being "in the air" around each anniversary.

BrianV met with hoi.polloi online and suggested that Simon and hoi.polloi start a new forum that cannot be pulled from the Internet. Simon and hoi.polloi, after some hesitation, agreed there was a lack now that 911movement.org had disappeared. They had been pleased with the format of 911movement.org, which had been hosted on zetaboards. They created a new forum on zetaboards called "The Reality Shack" and invited D.Duck to be an admin.


Simon, D.Duck and hoi.polloi ran "The Reality Shack" forum until zetaboards received a written threat from someone claiming to be related to a 9/11 family member, asking them to remove an image (even though that image had been published by newspapers and was readily available on the Internet). Frustrated with zetaboards' lack of tact with alleged threats, not even asking for proof of a problem from the anonymous claimant, the admins migrated the posts to a phpBB forum with the help of member nonhocapito. They purchased a shared host space with BlueHost and bought the domain www.cluesforum.info with their own funds.

After BlueHost shut down www.cluesforum.info because of a threat from someone claiming to be the parent of a 9/11 victim (whose pictures have been proven to be false photographs, by the vicsim research), the admins bought space at NearlyFreeSpeech.net where the forum has remained. To this day, several growing forum threads have compiled much more evidence that the victim "death stories" of 9/11 are little more than vicsim narratives designed to frighten the world.

The site now accepts donations in order to fund the costs of site hosting. The donations go toward hosting the various sites used as mechanisms of distributing their research: www.septclues.com, www.septemberclues.info, www.cluesforum.info and www.theclueschronicle.info. With a keen interest in transparency, the admins publish their budget on their forum in a thread titled "OUR BUDGET : running SeptemberClues.info and CluesForum.info" : http://cluesforum.info/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=1828

Sleeper Shills and Sleeper Vicsims

The site has hosted a number of anonymous users, many of which join the forum to ridicule the researchers, or seemingly target a particular researcher they wish to "take out". The admin D.Duck eventually left the forum after claiming Simon was doing something wrong, and joined a web site that is antagonistic towards Simon and CluesForum called "Let's Roll". Simon has expressed suspicion of the site since LetsRoll forum has tried to "character assassinate" Simon by claiming Simon is secretly a "government" operative (of some unspecified government) only pretending to expose truth. Detractors may be "grass agents", since no explanation is given for the fact that Simon and the anonymous membership of CluesForum have exposed logistical problems with the media and inspired many others to also think more critically of the media (including Ab of Fakeologist).

Some users also appear to be naturally antagonistic or average trolls. However, it does seem there may be "sleeper shills" regularly watching the forum and "attacking" targeted topics. Some users will appear during Psychological Operations on the active thread about the subject, claiming a personal interest in corroborating the media's false and doctored imagery. CluesForum admins report that details of these users are scant, and when they are challenged, they will often resort to ad hominem attacks before quitting the forum or they are removed ("banned"). CluesForum reports they are often characterized by bad grammar, apparently deliberate misspellings, similar style of user names (such as all-caps followed by numbers, as if generated by a common name generator program) and/or a praise of the forum's work while demonstrating no understanding of the forum's actual discussions or subject matter.

Simon and hoi.polloi, the main admins of CluesForum have been accused of being "CIA", "MOSSAD", or even the same person posing as every single user on CluesForum. Simon and hoi.polloi have ridiculed these claims, and profess to be just interested in the truth.

The Creativity of The Simulation Industry

As many techniques may be used to create fake images as the entertainment industry uses for film, television and video game production. Signs of similar techniques found in the news include: miniature scale models, make up, digital facsimile, simulation and 3D modeling, augmented reality, rotoscoping, computer animation, digital "pasting" of faces or face parts on actors, suspension wires and false backgrounds. The typical errors and weaknesses of those illusion techniques can be found in the news. In general, fakery techniques are slowly improving with the state of video and digital technologies, and it has grown more difficult to tell the difference between real and fabricated imagery. CluesForum suggests that we are now living in "The age of media fakery" though most people have not yet caught on to the idea of Hollywood illusion techniques being used by the news to completely fabricate, and not merely spin or skew, their sensational stories.

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