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[[Category:Plane crash psyops]]
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[[Category:Lone survivor psyops]]
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[[Category:Psyops in the Czech Republic]]

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JAT Flight 367
Type 1 plane crash
Type 2 bombing
Year 1972
Date 01/26
Place Czechoslovakia
Numbers 9, 33
(italic is official story)
Vesna Vulović
Linked to
LANSA Flight 508 (1971) Miracle of the Andes (1972)
Programming lone survivor
Wallace rule Maksovizija (1970s-90s)
MythBusters (2005)
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JAT Flight 367 was a plane crash bombing psyop taking place on January 26, 1972. A flight from Stockholm to Belgrade, explodes in the air after a bombing by Croatian terrorists (Ustashe), crashes in Czechoslovakia, flight attendant Vesna Vulović holds world record in surviving fall from the sky at 33,330 ft.

Official story

• The McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32 was destroyed after a bomb on board, placed by émigré Croatian terrorists (Ustashe), exploded during flight. The plane was bound for Serbia (then part of Yugoslavia) from Sweden. The homemade bomb had been placed in the forward cargo. Vesna Vulović was near the rear of the aircraft at the time of the explosion but this is disputed. A food cart pinned her to the back of the plane during her fall, acting as a seat belt, thus preventing her from being sucked out of the plane during de-compression or the ensuing fall.[citation needed] Some reports stated she was at the back when the explosion occurred, but she has said she was told that she was found in the middle section of the plane.

• Vulović was in a coma for 27 days and was temporarily paralyzed from the waist down, but survived. She continued working for the airline, holding a desk job.
• A major celebrity in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Vesna Vulović was a frequent guest on major Yugoslav TV shows such as Maksovizija by Milovan Ilić Minimaks, up until the 1990s. Vulović attended annual commemorations at the crash site, until they were stopped in 2002. The daughter of the firefighter that saved her bears her name, as well as a local hotel called Pension Vesna in the Czech Republic, near the site of the crash.
• The plane crash was a subject of MythBusters. Episode 37, "Escape Slide Parachute (Story of Vesna Vulović)" was devoted to her case. MythBusters concluded it was possible to survive the fall depending on how the wreckage someone was sitting in landed. Discovery Channel in the program Against all Odds also profiled Vulović's fall to earth.

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  • The ridiculous story of falling 33,330 ft from the sky and surviving.

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