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  • Merrill Lynch is one of the alleged firms which claimed victims on 9/11 at the WTC area.
  • Merrill Lynch is according to the official story not a tenant of the WTC, their alleged victims allegedly were in the area of Windows on the World.
  • Merrill Lynch claimed 4 victimsaccording to the CNN memorial website as cited by the Vicsim Report

(This page is being updated with research about the firm and their alleged survivors or victims. The information is not complete yet.)

The firm in relation to the WTC

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Alleged victims of Merrill Lynch on 9/11

Note: This information is based on the CNN Memorial data as cited by the 9/11 Vicsim Report.
There are only 3 Names listed in the CNN data as affiliated to Merrill Lynch. The fourth alleged victim will be added asap.

Alleged survivors of Merrill Lynch on 9/11

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