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A witness is a person who sees an event, a crime or an accident, take place.

Psyop witness

  • A sleeper witness is a special witness, who in case of a psyop with a long-term plan, enters the stage at a predetermined time after the event, in order to fulfill specific roles. As an example of a sleeper witness the student of fakeology can study the story of David Weiss, truther and radiohost since 2013, who at the same time transports important information for the event on september 11, 2001, which he states for the first time only 12 years later. David Weiss appeared on 2013-08-21 Ep. 1, Deep Inside The Rabbithole, and testified publicly that he saw the planes or missiles that hit the towers on 9/11 https://soundcloud.com/ditrh/ep-01-9-11-is-daves-baby (25:15). In June 2015, in his interview with Kham and Hoi Polloi from Clues Forum, he said that he knew someone who worked in one of the towers http://fakeologist.com/blog/2015/06/15/911-hoi-polloi-vs-ditrh-david-weiss-kham-radio/. More information can be found on the internet.


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