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Working Notes

  • The racaq massacre / 1999 Yugoslavia

  • Revelation of the Method

“Revelation of the Method concerns mind control in the last stages and at a high level. When you tell someone what you are doing to them – murder, mayhem, kidnap, rape, you name it – and they do nothing to stop you or protect themselves, you have created a doubly enslaved subject.”

  • Ebola / medical scare /social scare / racial scare

  • Irish Troubles

Timeline of events
The Troubles:
1969 Northern Ireland riots:

  • Anthrax Attacks
  3. Anthrax killer 'is US defence insider'

  • NASA, Space Travel, Sience Fiction etc.
  1. AAMorris: Orbits Do Not Exist: The Solar System Model To Scale
  2. What the Nuclear Hoax Implies
  3. Nuclear NASA
  4. Team NASA or Team NADA? NASA is a fraud- Fake Launches
  5. NASA taking control of the narrative v2
  6. Satellites Are Fake – Just Another NASA Hoax (good info in comment section)

  • Hoax Management
  1. John Adams on Controlled Opposition:

  • PsyOp Sandy Hook
  1. Discussion on Fakeologist Radio, Part 1
  2. Discussion on Fakeologist Radio, Part 2
  3. Discussion on Fakeologist Radio, Ab Irato and Simon Shack about Sandy Hook (first hour) and NASA

  • CGI Computer Generated Imagery
  1. Clues Forum: THE 9/11 FAKERY FACTORY
  2. Synthetic Crowds
  3. CGI Jumpers
  4. Morphing Technology for Vicsim Faces
  5. WTC7 Collaps Imagery Analysis
  6. Wikipedia:CGI

  • Term 'Elite Gender Inversion'
  1. Fakeologist Forum: Example: FTM (Female to Male) cases and theory: Jimmy Savile
  2. Fakeologist Forum: Discussion between Unreal and Narrator about therotical aspects EGI
  3. Fakeologist Forum: "Discussion on the harm of featuring this anti-human agenda to minors"
  4. Fakeologist EGI forum thread 200 days + 200 posts

  • Term: vicsim
  1. Vicsim Report
  2. Discussion on Fakeologist Forum about sim victims and sim deaths
  3. Discussion on Fakeologist Radio about the SSDI Records

here's the 11 <sigh> types of terror victims I noted some years back, source might be cluesforum, can't remember 1. Complete fakes– Operation Northwoods style total fictions 2. Fake relatives of operatives– made up aliases, added to the “family” of spooks and insiders, so that the “spook relatives” can play roles conducive to backing up the lie 3. Real people, spys reassigned– deep cover agents, put on the list to neatly end their service or specific assignment, with no trail or loose ends 4. Real people, connected, reassigned– people connected to the network, wishing to start over, disappear, for various reasons 5. Real people, in trouble, voluntarily reassigned– real people who were at risk of prosecution, who escaped by joining the victims list 6. Real people, in trouble, coerced, reassigned– real people offered a “deal” to avoid prosecution, by aiding in the victims fraud 7. Real people, connected, terminally ill– instead of just dying, why not be a hero, setting up your family to use it to further you favourite cause, political or otherwise. 8. Real people, long dead– like the fake identity creators, borrow the identity of someone long dead, resurrect them to die again as a victim, with or without cooperation of family members 9. Real people, intentionally murdered– beforehand, included on the list to cover it up 10. Real people, intentionally murdered– sacrificed during the operation 11. Real people, accidental victims– unintended collateral damage - prob not exhaustive, 1 and 2 is of course Vicsims

  • 9/11 related
  1. Empty Towers: The WTC Complex Was Empty, Hoax Busters Call, Published on Nov 6, 2010 From the description of the Hoax Busters Call YT Channel: Eric Darton published in 1999 the most comprehensive 'biography' of the WTC twin towers. Please note that Darton is certainly no 'conspiracy theorist' - as his book only traces the towers' history from their birth up to 1999. However, it turns out to provide invaluable clues as to how the towers' tenants might have been 'controlled' - so to speak - after the first 1993 "Al-Qaeda" bombing. 'Divided We Stand' is also a treasure trove for anyone interested in the wheelings and dealings that - historically - have characterized these most cumbersome, asbestos-laced and strongly disliked buildings. I have synthesized the most interesting facts listed in the book; here they are - followed by selected extracts of "Divided We Stand": 1- THE TOWERS WERE A SHAMBLES FROM THE WORD GO: "In 1985, when New York State moved most of its offices out, Dean Witter consolidated its operations in twenty-four floors of Tower 2 under a twenty-year lease. Visiting the brokerage and investment firm's offices and cafeterias, one invariably found them spotlessly maintained. But on adjacent floors, particularly those with multiple tenants, the paint was dingy, the carpets were stained, fixtures remained broken, and burned-out fluorescent lights went unreplaced, as did discolored ceiling tiles. And the listing of a company on the directory did not reliably indicate that a company was still there." 2- FOLLOWING THE 1993 BOMBING, 50,000 workers were displaced and 350 tenants were RELOCATED OUTSIDE THE WTC. "The February 1993 blast in the basement of the World Trade Center killed 6 people, injured 1,000 others, displaced 50,000 workers, and threw 900 Vista Hotel and Windows on the World employees out of work, but it also provided a modest boost for the regional economy. This, at any rate, was the conclusion the Port Authority came to in an April 1993 report released six weeks after the bombing. (...) For the agency, this silver lining was due in part to the ease with which the 350 bombed-out trade center tenants could be moved into abundant vacant office space nearby." 3- AT THE END OF THE 90'S HUGE QUANTITIES OF OFFICE SPACE WERE ANNOUNCED RENTED - BY THE PRESS "The Port Authority closed out the 1990s with a stream of press releases announcing the rental of unimaginably huge quantities of trade center office space to "cutting-edge" firms like Sun Microsystems. Yet around the complex a million square feet stood empty, and the buildings originally intended as great catalyzing chambers of world trade were, by degrees, transforming into a kind of disjunctive real estate layer-cake. One story above the carpeted, wood-paneled offices of a Japanese securities firm, a group of artists filled bare walls with boldly colored images and hung sculptures from the exposed ceiling girders of a vast echoing cavern. As part of a Lower Manhattan Cultural Council program that turned some of the vacant space in the towers over to artists rent-free, 40,000 square feet of concrete floor lay paint-spattered and strewn with the raw materials of a creative urge that has never been easily reconciled with the imperatives of a bottom line.