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Plan Patagonia Podcast notes for Mollycast XX.



Pre-World War W

FRR Podcast - April 2018

  • at 115:00 - HE EXPLAINS aSHIFT.
    • constant toxic avenues
    • getting off the grid is the real sustainable development
    • born in Soviet Union, Moscow travel through SU
  • Transgenda 3.11
  • Tenessee guy comes in
  • Terra Zang food forest in downtown Phoenix, AZ, own militia late 60s

  • Nearfield, Illinois
  • anti-gun agenda, may be some media fakery involved
  • aftermath of Sandy Hook-Sandy Hoax same
  • Gaia: Boston aftermath LOCKDOWN
  • Grandfathering clause , declare prohibite but once you decease, it will be confisquated
  • FYGP
  • What brought about The Purge

FRAC 11 - July 2019

World War W Period

FIFA 2026

  • NHL...
  • Balotelli & Zlatan agents for international immigracism
  • NWO barbarians

Agenda 2030

  • "Global Citizen" - festivals all around the world to sell this

Mollycast XY

  • Maintain Real Meat
  • aSHIFT. explained by FRR Podcast member