Assassination of Siegfried Buback

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Assassination of Siegfried Buback
Motorcycle, which was used in the assassination attempt
on Siegfried Buback, in an exhibition about the RAF in Stuttgart.
Official name Assassination of Siegfried Buback
Year 1977
Date 04/07
Place West Germany
Place Europe
Story Perps/s Red Army Faction

This psyop is part of a series of events involving the controlled opposition outlet Red Army Faction (RAF) between the 1970 and 1998 in the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany).

Official summary

On 7 April 1977, Siegfried Buback, the attorney-general of West Germany, was shot alongside his driver Wolfgang Göbel and a passenger, judicial officer Georg Wurster, in an ambush whilst travelling from his home in Neureut to the Bundesgerichtshof in Karlsruhe.

Four RAF members, Christian Klar, Knut Folkerts, Günter Sonnenberg and Brigitte Mohnhaupt were formally charged and prosecuted in connection with the Buback murder. In 2007, former RAF members Peter-Jürgen Boock and Verena Becker claimed that another former RAF member, Stefan Wisniewski, had fired the gun that killed Buback.

Fakeology Analysis

The events of the period 1970-1998 in Germany have not yet been analyzed from a fakeological point of view. Taking into consideration the pattern and modus operandi as well as the research about similar controlled opposition outlets it is legitim to view these events as highly suspicious of having been either completely constructed by the Military Intelligence Apparatus or hijacked and controlled.

In this sense the Assassination of Siegfried Buback is highly suspected to be a DCP psyop




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  • Wikipedia: Events attributed to the RAF [MSM 1]


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Memorial Stone for Siegfried Buback in Karlsruhe
Memorial stone for the assassination by the RAF in Karlsruhe, Germany
Translated inscription: Siegfried Buback, Georg Wurster, Wolfgang Göbel got murdered here on April, 7th 1977



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