2016 LaMia Flight 2933

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LaMia Flight 2933
Rescate de Policía al vuelo 2933 - 01.jpg
Type 1 Plane crash
Type 2 Team DCP
Year 2016
Date 11/28
Place Near Medellín, Colombia
Perp out of fuel
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LaMia Flight 2933 was a psyop taking place in Colombia on November 28, 2016, at around 21:58 local time. Allegedly, the Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense from Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul (the location of the devastating KISS nightclub fire of 27 January 2012), was flying to Medellín, Colombia to play the second leg of the final of the Copa Libertadores (South American Champions League) against Atlético Nacional, the most successful club in Colombia, from Medellín, the second city of Colombia.

Just 17 km before landing at the international airport of Medellín, the plane allegedly was out of fuel and crashed in a remote area against a mountain, at night. Only 6 people survived the crash, with the almost complete soccer team wiped out at once (DCP). The story was widely shared on TV and asocial media, in many countries. Also repeated on football websites a year later.

This psyop was staged just at the time when Colombia was in the process of signing a "peace treaty" with the FARC.

After and because of this tragedy, Atlético Nacional "donated" the Copa Libertadores to Chapecoense.

Official story

Alleged flight routes, blue planned, red actual
How can they have been out of fuel if the actual route was shorter than the planned one?
• The British Aerospace 146 jet was carrying 81 people - 72 passengers and 9 crew - and reportedly split into two when it crashed at around 10.15pm local time

• A plane carrying the Brazilian football team Chapecoense has crashed in Colombia.
• Flight CP 2933 was transporting players Medellin airport when it disappeared off radar and crashed into countryside.
• The British Aerospace 146 jet was carrying 81 people - passengers and crew - and reportedly split into two when it crashed at around 10.15pm local time.
• Defender Alan Ruschel, goalkeeper Ja[c]kson Follman[n] [sic] and an air stewardess called Ximena Suárez have all survived.
• Journalist Rafael Hezel also survived the crash.
• Goalkeeper Danilo was pulled from the wreckage but later died from his injuries.
• It was revealed that the son of a Chapecoense coach missed the tragic journey to Colombia only after forgetting his passport.
• Nine of the club's players were left behind as they mourned the loss of their teammates.

Wikipedia[MSM 1]



  • inconsistencies between the plane shape and the position of the doors[CF 2]
  • analysis of the happy photo in the cockpit (?) with the crew before taking off[CF 3]


  • a video of the "flight technician" can be seen here[MSM 2] but does not convince to be authentic. The language used by this "Edwin" is not what someone would use in a real tragedy this allegedly was[CF 4]
  • also the Facebook photo of this Edwin and the video do not show the same person[CF 4]


  • the statistics of the "survivors" and "dead" are very suspicious; German-sounding surnames are not uncommon in Brazil (or Bolivia). But what is quite uncommon is the statistic of 4 out of 6 survivors or 2 out of 3 surviving players (66 %) having a German surname, while none of the 19 other players or 25 named other people who all died have a German surname (0 %). Or the other way around: of all the German names 100% survived and of all the non-German names 6.5% survived.[CF 4]
  • allegedly, the co-pilot of this flight carrying all these important football players, was first time civil aircraft flying 29 year old model Sisy Arias.[MSM 3]

Smoking gun

Jakson Ragnar Follmann (born 14-03-1992, ex-Grêmio player) was the happy, but not so popular -4 Likes on comments about his profile photo since 23-05- second keeper of the team Chapecoense, from the Brazilian city of Chapecó
Jackson Follmann (Fakebook), the name that comes up when googling his formal spelling "Jakson Follmann" (23,900 hits). Googling gives us, how friendly of the Silicon Valley agents: "Did you mean... Jackson Follmann?" "Jakson Ragnar Follmann" gives just 6890 hits. Jackson Follmann is the more popular twin of the characters, because he scores 151,000 hits in just his 4 day life.
Jackson was "involved" in a plane crash at a mountain top, was rescued after hours and brought to the hospital in Medellín where he got operated on November 30, 10:21 to get his right leg amputated.
Jakson on the other leg, got operated on December 1 at 19:48 to get his right leg amputated.


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