Lac Megantic rail disaster

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Official name Lac Megantic rail disaster
Year 2013
Date 07/06
Place Canada
Place North America
Perpetrator/s Accident

Official summary

The Lac-Mégantic rail disaster occurred in the town of Lac-Mégantic, in the Eastern Townships region of Quebec, Canada, at approximately 01:15 EDT, on July 6, 2013, when an unattended 74-car freight train carrying Bakken Formation crude oil rolled down a 1.2% grade from Nantes and derailed downtown, resulting in the fire and explosion of multiple tank cars. Forty-two people were confirmed dead, with five more missing and presumed dead. More than buildings in the town's centre, roughly half of the downtown area, were destroyed,[2] and all but three of the thirty-nine remaining downtown buildings had to be demolished due to petroleum contamination of the townsite. Initial newspaper reports described a 1-kilometre (0.6 mi) blast radius.

The death toll of 47 makes it the fourth-deadliest rail accident in Canadian history, and the deadliest involving a non-passenger train. It is also the deadliest rail accident since Canada's confederation in 1867; the last Canadian rail accident to have a higher death toll was the St-Hilaire train disaster in 1864.


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Alleged victims

Éliane Parenteau 93,
Frédéric Boutin 19,
Kathy Clusiault 24,
Élodie Turcotte 18,
Yannick Bouchard 36,
Karine Lafontaine 35,
Maxime Dubois 27,
Mélissa Roy 29,
Yves Boulet 51,
Karine Champagne 36,
Gaétan Lafontaine 33,
Joanie Turmel 29,
Roger Paquet 61,
Jo-Annie Lapointe 20,
Guy Bolduc 43,
Andrée-Anne Sévigny 26,
Diane Bizier 46,
David Lacroix-Beaudoin 27,
Stéphane Bolduc 37,
Marianne Poulin 23,
Geneviève Breton 28,
Mathieu Pelletier 29,
Sylvie Charron 50,
Henriette Latulippe 61,
David Martin 36,
Jean-Pierre Roy 56,
Jean-Guy Veilleux 32,
Lucie Vadnais 49,
Michel Junior Guertin 33,
Natachat Gaudreau 41,
Kevin Roy 29,
Éric Pépin-Lajeunesse 28,
Talitha Coumi Bégnoche 30,
Stéphane Lapierre 45,
Marie-Noëlle Faucher 36,
Martin Rodrigue 48,
Réal Custeau 57,
Marie-Sémie Alliance 22,
Alyssa Charest Bégnoche 4,
Bianka Charest Bégnoche 9

Hoax management

Other information

  • The Star: Lac-Mégantic rail bypass to be funded jointly by federal, Quebec governments.

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