FAC 613 - I am a Fakeologist!

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FAC 613
"I am a Fakeologist!"
Live Friday September 20, 2019
Length 2:00:00
Guests Romans 120, Fakeologist, Geris, Gaia
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FAC 613, Fakeologist Audio Chat, named "I am a Fakeologist!" was a podcast aired on Friday September 20, 2019 for 02:00:00. Participants were new member Romans 120, Fakeologist, Geris and Gaia.[R 1]


  • New voice: Romans 120
    • Fakeologist for years, Alabama, 45ish, first to consider himself a Fakeologist, meaning he has a good knowledge of what a Fakeologist is
  • Jan Erik Bumper:

"Come back Jan Erik "I don't know how you can stay away from this place!?"[R 2]

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