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Fakeopedia is an initiative started by several members of Fakeologist.com in December 2017. The actual status of contents can be found through the following navigation or by using the search function.

9/11 Main page

9/11 Vicsim Report
9/11 Flight Envelopes
9/11 Witness research
9/11 Narrative Analysis
9/11 Controlled opposition
9/11 WTC Firms

Main List of psyOps
Sublist Space fakery
Sublist Nuke Hoax
Sublist Plane crashes
Sublist Death of Celebrity Person
Sublist Various events
Research field: Elite Gender Inversion
Elite Gender Inversion
Research field: Ball Earth Skeptic
Ball Earth Skeptic
Revised geo-heliocentric model by Simon Shack
TYCHOS glossary
Fakeology Glossary
List of research websites