Kemerovo mall fire

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Kemerovo mall fire
An aerial view of the fire damaged Zimnyaya
Vishnya complex on March 26, 2018 in Kemerovo, Russia.
Zimnyaya Vishnya complex after fire
Official name 2018 Kemerovo fire
Year 2018
Date 03/25
Place Kemerovo, Russia
Place Asia
Story Perps/s Unknown

The Kemerovo mall fire was a HRDPAR psyop with unfolded a big media coverage worldwide. It is our hypothesis that the main aim of the psyop was to enhance the media precense of the russian political leadership.

Official summary

On 25 March 2018 at 16:00 local time (9:00 UTC), a fire that engulfed the Winter Cherry shopping mall and entertainment complex in Kemerovo, Russia. It killed at least 60 people (more than half of which children) according to official statements.

The blaze started somewhere on the top floor of the four-story complex, and people were seen jumping from windows to escape it. 100 people were evacuated, and another 20 were rescued. Others claim the number of people killed in fire is being covered up, and that the real figure runs into the hundreds.

According to the Russian authorities the source of these rumors was a Ukrainian prankster who called the morgue posing as an emergency services officer. Politicians across the globe sent their condolences. 28 March 2018 was declared the national day of mourning in Russia.

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  • BBC: Russia fire - Children killed in Kemerovo shopping centre blaze [MSM 1]


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Alleged victims

The numbers given are: 64 alleged victims, 41 of them children. We could not find the names of the alleged victims online.

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