President Camacho Part 00 - Selenology

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President Camacho Part 0
FAC 622
Anton von Banhans Cartoon.png
Live October 16, 2019
Length 1:26:08
Guests Geris, Gaia
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President Camacho Part 00 ("FAC 622") is the first part in a new series of recorded audio chats, the 14-episode President Camacho podcast series, at Part 0 was recorded for 1:26:08 by Gaia and Geris on October 16, 2019. Main subject of part 0 of the series is selenology; or lunar geology, with excursions into Alien, and other Clownworld stuff. President Camacho is mentioned for the first time and that will only be the trigger for more.

Geris practices the word Hate and Exoterick gets addressed (join in next time!).


Talking points
  • Fakeologist meme contest
  • Fund Geris on Patreon - to realize the Fakeologist/FARTpodcast-meet in Colombia 2020!
  • Geris promises to visit the Griger museum in Gruyère and CERN before the end of 2019


"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear" - George Orwell (1953)
  • For All Mankind - @ 1:03:48 the fragment played in the chat starts, where you hear WHEN THEY FAKED APOLLO 16