Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior

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Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior
Rainbow Warrior, Amsterdam 1981
Rainbow Warrior, Auckland, December 1985
Official name Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior
Year 1985
Date 07/10
Place Port of Auckland, New Zealand
Place Pacific Ocean
Perpetrator/s French government

Official summary

The sinking of the Rainbow Warrior, codenamed Opération Satanique, was a bombing operation by the "action" branch of the French foreign intelligence services, the Direction générale de la sécurité extérieure (DGSE), carried out on 10 July 1985. During the operation, two operatives sank the flagship of the Greenpeace fleet, the Rainbow Warrior, at the Port of Auckland in New Zealand on its way to a protest against a planned French nuclear test in Moruroa. Fernando Pereira, a photographer, drowned on the sinking ship.

France initially denied responsibility, but two French agents were captured by New Zealand Police and charged with arson, conspiracy to commit arson, willful damage, and murder. As the truth came out, the scandal resulted in the resignation of the French Defence Minister Charles Hernu.

The two agents pleaded guilty to manslaughter and were sentenced to ten years in prison. They spent just over two years confined to the French island of Hao before being freed by the French government.

Several political figures, including then New Zealand Prime Minister David Lange, have referred to the bombing as an act of terrorism or state-sponsored terrorism.

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Fernando Pereira, photographer

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  • The Rainbow Warrior Conspiracy (Australia 1989)
  • The Rainbow Warrior (New Zealand 1992)
  • The Boat and the Bomb (United Kingdom and Netherlands 2005)
  • L' Affaire du Rainbow Warrior (France 2006, concentrating on the experience of French journalists)
  • Blowing Up Paradise 2006 BBC Documentary movie by Ben Lewis about French Atomic Testing in Pacific and associated murder of Rainbow Warrior Greenpeace activist by French Secret Service.


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