U.S. headquarters Frankfurt bombing

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U.S. headquarters Frankfurt bombing
Destruction of the officers' corps of the 5th US Corps, May 11, 1972
Terrace Club Frankfurt Germany 1972 V. Corps
Official name U.S. headquarters Frankfurt bombing
Year 1972
Date 05/11
Place Frankfurt
Place West Germany
Place Europe
Story Perps/s Red Army Faction

This psyop is part of a series of events involving the controlled opposition outlet Red Army Faction (RAF) between the 1970 and 1998 in the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany).

Official summary

On 11 May 1972 at 18:59 h three bombs exploded with a total of 80 kg of TNT explosive force in the I.G. Farben House in Frankfurt am Main. At that time the headquarters of the V. US Army Corps, United States European Command and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) headquarters in Germany. Two bombs exploded in the entrance porch, the third in the officers' mess. Broken glass killed Lieutenant Colonel Paul A. Bloomquist; 13 people were injured. Property damage was estimated at DM 3.1 million.

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Alleged victims

Attack Victim Paul A. Bloomquist, 1966

Lieutenant Colonel Paul A. Bloomquist

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