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War is described as a state of conflict characterized by aggression, destruction and mortality. We recognise in these characterizations an implied subject of decision and action.

In fact, war can be described as an act or a series of acts, executed by a subject of decision. Regardless the historical period of which we are talking, we can articulate that war presupposes a subject of power which is concrete and means the power over the organized structure which can execute such acts of aggression, destruction, mortality.

The fact that acts of aggression, destruction, mortality need to be executed by human beings, which are not by nature aggressive, destructive, killing entities, makes it understandable, why such power must be in complete possession of its executioners.

Power equals in its most basic form the power over the life of others. Its primary form is the soldier, who has been convinced to obey the orders and to sacrifice his own life.

To achieve the subjogation of the life of others under such control, power must propagandize itsself as necessary for the survival of humanity. Only major narratives and complex real life institutions which implement the ideology of destruction and death as a means for the survival of humanity, can stay in power and rule over the territory by threatening the life of humanity as such.

Therefore, war is a major narrative of power in the first place and although acts of agression and destruction result directly or indirectly in loss of life, war can be viewed also as an ideological operation or a psychological operation.

The following information concerns the establishment view of war and it mainly differentiates according to criteria of the military apparatus itsself. An analysis from a fakeological point of view has still to come.

Types of war

Types of warfare

Warfare by objective

Warfare by strategic doctrine

Warfare by weapon type

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