Death of Ulrike Meinhof

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Death of Ulrike Meinhof
Ulrike Meinhof, German journalist and founding
member of the RAF (Red Army Faction), 1964
Ulrike Meinhof als junge Journalistin (retuschiert)
Official name Death of Ulrike Meinhof
Year 1976
Date 10/18
Place West Germany
Place Europe
Story Perps/s Red Army Faction

This psyop is part of a series of events involving the controlled opposition outlet Red Army Faction (RAF) between the 1970 and 1998 in the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany).

Official summary

The Red Army Fraction (RAF) was a left-wing extremist terrorist organization in the Federal Republic of Germany. The RAF was responsible for 33 murders of political, economic and administrative executives, their drivers, police officers, American soldiers, the Schleyer kidnapping and hostage-taking, bank robberies and bomb attacks with over 200 injured. Violence, suicides or hunger strikes killed 24 members and sympathizers of the RAF.

Ulrike Marie Meinhof (October 7, 1934 Oldenburg, Germany - May 9, 1976 Stammheim, Stuttgart) was a well-known German journalist radical left and later terrorist.

In the 1950s, she was involved in the Battle against Nuclear Death movement, since 1959 as editor of the journal Konkret, since 1965 in the Extra-Parliamentary Opposition (APO). In 1970, she participated in the Andreas Baader Liberation, founded the Red Army Faction (RAF) and authored its ideological concept.

She joined the May Offensive of the Red Army Faction in 1972, was arrested in June 1972 and spent the rest of her life in pre-trial detention, largely isolated from outside contacts. In November 1974 she was sentenced to eight years imprisonment for attempted murder during the Andreas Baader Liberation. From 1975 she was charged in the Stammheim trial with the other RAF leaders for fourfold murder and 54-fold attempted murder. Before the end of the trial, she was found hanged in her cell in the Prison Stammheim. Two autopsies excluded foreign influence. Ulrike Meinhof

Fakeology Analysis

The events of the period 1970-1998 in Germany have not yet been analyzed from a fakeological point of view. Taking into consideration the pattern and modus operandi as well as the research about similar controlled opposition outlets it is legitim to view these events as highly suspicious of having been either completely constructed by the Military Intelligence Apparatus or hijacked and controlled.

The suicide death of Ulrike Meinhof is in this sense higly sucpicious of being a DCP psyop.




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